Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sacrilegious Muslims burn effigies of one of Monty Pythons highest deities!

This frightening vilification of one of the Python team on the streets of Kabul was in-fact predicted over two decades ago:

Stand staunch Python fans in the face of this desecration of our sacred living-deity.

Remember whenever there are 2 or 3 are in one place, we shall perform the parrot sketch.


BathTub said...

Finally, I have actually been surprised there haven't been more Python references in all this.

Canterbury Atheists said...

What next eh BT?

There will be rabid crowds burning copies of ‘The Big Red Book’ and ‘Ripping Yarns’?

Here they are blatantly trampling all over our beliefs.

It’s totally offensive.

I think we should mobilise the legions of Python fans and protest outside the nearest mosque.

Great hearing from you.


Ken said...

Surely the more sensible response for enraged Muslims would be to burn christian bibles.

I can just picture it.

They should leave the python's out of their squabbles.