Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Attn: Theologians Have a go at this!

This is a You Tube I did one night over a few beers at the end of last year, not one of my better ones, but effective enough.

I wanted to know “What will happen to a soul when we have brain transplants?”

Clearly this day will happen sooner rather than later so this question is more than being merely a hypothetical one.

Sadly no one has even attempted to answer this ponder-able.

Why isn’t there anyone who believes in the concept of a soul that can give me an answer?

I am therefore doubling my efforts to get an answer by re-posting it here in the hope there is a simple answer to what-is a simple question.

So after viewing the video please leave your answers in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you asked this question. As a cerebral scientist, and we are conducting new research that indicates that the soul actually resides in the left ventricle cortex, near the ear.

This is in fact how it is possible to "sell one's soul", because it is accessible with a q-tip, and can be removed quite easily. I believe that in the future "soul transplants" will become a lucrative business opportunity.

KJ said...

LOL soul transplant.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a similar but different question. It's been noted that a patient who has had his/her brain-halves seperated (often treatment for epilepsy) can have different religious beliefs between both brain-hemispheres. Does a half-atheist-half-christian go to heaven or hell?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Is that right? So as a scientist and the discoverer of ‘the human soul’ I imagine there will be some peer group study published in say Lancet? A link to this groundbreaking study– plus your name would be appreciated. Ta. Paul.