Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just what Canterbury needs right now – a fucking prayer-wheel!

Let me paint the scene here in Canterbury: some houses still don’t have power, buildings are being demolished, schools closed, police patrol the inner-city to prevent looting and injury, the sleepless population is under stress from on-going after-shocks as high as 6 on the Richter Scale, business’s are closed and struggling to survive.

Faced with a catastrophe of this scale, pray-tell what is New Zealand’s Buddhist Communities solution to Canterbury’s woes?

Well their top-temple up in Auckland is going to spin its giant purpose-built prayer wheel, said to be the worlds largest (wop de fuck) and magically spread ‘calmness’ down to the frazzled peoples of Canterbury.

This is frankly a well-meaning load of cobblers we could do without.

If the Buddhist community wants to genuinely assist Cantabrians I can suggest a more pressing piece of philanthropy that will create more calmness and inner peace than even a prayer-wheel built on the same scale as one of Jupiter’s moons.

Tragically amongst the businesses/buildings damaged in the first quake was New Zealand Breweries operation in Christchurch.

Horror of all horrors imaginable - the pubs in Canterbury are now running dry.

So stop wasting valuable-time spinning that wheel & get your best monks from The Dorje Chang Institute on ‘mercy mission’ down south.

Set them to work repairing our local brewery!

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KJ said...

It reminds me of when the Haiti earthquake hit, a Christian group gathered together some funds, and sent over crates of digital PDA-Bibles. It feels to me like spitting in someones face, "Yeah, we gathered some money together, and instead of sending you stuff you actually need, we wasted the money on useless shit that you don't want."

"Fuck you very much you condescending religious pricks!" Is what I'd say in a letter of thanks to them.