Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let’s face it Science can tell us nothing about Earthquakes

Boy those evil-atheist boffins have managed to muddy the waters over last-nights massive earthquake here in Christchurch.

Who needs to deal with those complicated words like Richter-scales and epicentres when for centuries mankind has known full-well the basis for earthquakes and other natural disasters.

In a nut-shell: when God get’s pissed-off with us he shakes-the-earth or makes it rain a lot etc.

Are those scientist’s thick or what?

Praise be to Poseidon, The God of Earthquakes, no one was killed.


"It shows us that he is controlling everything and he can damage us if he wants if we do not follow his teachings and orders,"

"You might call it nature, you might call it whatever, but we believe nature is controlled by the creator of everything."

Muslim Association of Canterbury Imam Hisham Elzeiny (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)

“I think it’s a shock for people to realise they aren’t in control, but we realise God is in control and we are utterly dependent on him.”

Carlemelite Nun Sister Dorethea Mary of Jesus (Christchurch Press Sat 11th Sept)


DM said...
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Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with tectonic plates. It's the gays' fault, isn't it?

BaldySlaphead said...

Shoulda obeyed Ray Comfort when you had the chance... ;-)

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