Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let’s invent a new Boogeyman to all be scared of.

Now those evil commies have been put well and truly to rest, we in the Western-world really need to change our focus.

There must be something left underneath our bed that will scare the horses and frighten the kids into doing what we want?

Unite-us in a crusade, in a traditional sense of the term.

That’s it – the rise of Islam!

But let’s face-it Muslims in our midst doesn't scare everyone?

Some people may have Muslims as neighbours, in their kids sporting teams and find-them just like everyone else.

So what else is out there that can scare the crap out of every god-fearing member of society?

That’s it.....Atheists!

Fuck those heathen pricks that gave rise to Hitler and want to destroy the very foundations of our Judeo Christian society.

Let’s make a film to show families what the evils of atheism entail - the end of Christmas for starters.

Footnote: Buckets are provided to all audience members.

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shreddakj said...


I think if I ever watch this a bucket would most certainly be required.