Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dad, what causes earthquakes?

Please turn-on the You Tube as you ponder the differing mind-sets of an atheist and theist when it comes to answering their childs questioning on something-basic like say 'what causes an earthquake?'

1.) Atheists Perspective (in 50 words or less)

"Son, earthquakes are entirely natural occurrences caused by disturbances in the earths-plates"

2.) A Theist Perspective (in 50 words or less)

"Son, The Bible and Koran tell us earthquakes and other natural disasters are caused by God"

These are geometrically (pun intended) different points of view.

Clearly there is a chasm (I’m on a roll here) between the atheist’s belief in the earths tectonics being the cause of earthquakes, and the theists claims for the supernatural intervention of their god Yahweh/Allah.

Do you think we could perhaps solicit the average viewer of Sesame Street to help us decide which position is in-fact right?

And remember it's healthy for society to allow parents to indocrinate their children with what-ever bull-shit they can dream-up.

Allow state-supported schools to teach stuff more befitting of the middle-ages.

Utter crap like god causes earthquakes.


"It shows us that he is controlling everything and he can damage us if he wants if we do not follow his teachings and orders,"

"You might call it nature, you might call it whatever, but we believe nature is controlled by the creator of everything."

Muslim Association of Canterbury Imam Hisham Elzeiny (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)

“I think it’s a shock for people to realise they aren’t in control, but we realise God is in control and we are utterly dependent on him.”

Carlemelite Nun Sister Dorethea Mary of Jesus (Christchurch Press 11th Sept)


daywalker said...

You obviously have a shallow context of what religion is... Science and religion does co-exist and does complement each other... you should get your head out of the dark ages and join the rest of the populace.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Is that right mate?

Well this is what The Roman Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, Barry Jones, had to say to the press on Monday:

“We just have to give thanks to God that there's no-one dead”

The Anglican head-honcho said similar:

“I give thanks to God for the safety of the people of Christchurch and Canterbury during the recent earthquake and numerous aftershocks”

So they don’t think their god is behind the earthquakes?

The Cookie Monster?

Have a great day on the planet you inhabit.