Monday, September 13, 2010

Surely a Doctorate in Zombies is worth more than one in Theology?

I want to be amongst the first to congratulate The University of Baltimore for being the third U.S learning establishment to currently offer a class on Zombie culture as part of its English curriculum.

Students learn about the living-dead as part of pop-culture course and we’ll soon see doctorates being presented to excited students in English majoring-in Zombification (a term I came up with, so please all rights reserved)

It’s reasonable and consistent application for higher-leaning-institutions operating-in this contemporary age wanting to still dabble-in near-worthless courses in theology and preach (as opposed to teach) about the worlds best known and most revered fictional zombie, Jesus of Nazareth – why shouldn’t they expand their scope to include the score of modern-day living-dead as part of the English media stream?

The other universities to embrace film & comic zombies are based in Iowa and Illinois.

Whilst some may belittle the three universities involved, at a practical-level an English doctorate majoring in Zombies (a.k.a Zombification) has to be well above mumbo-jumbo like theology on most civilian pecking-orders.

For starters any prospective employer would be well aware that the entire class taking Zombie culture, are intellectually well ahead of their contemporaries across the corridor in theology.

After-all the pop-culture students all know that zombies aren’t real.

Those students don’t feel the need to pray to zombies in their spare time, take off entire mornings in the weekend to joyously engage in sing-songs about the living-dead.

Nor do they embrace the ridiculous premise that zombies can be a magical 'saviour' and act as their gateway to eternal life.

Give me the followers of George Romero any day!

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