Sunday, February 1, 2009

Antonie Dixon: As Sane as the next Church-Goer

The distinctive look of one, Antonie Dixon greeted readers of today’s Sunday News (Bert from Sesame Street, anyone?)

Prison appears little hindrance to Dixons, psychopathic urges.

In the latest of a long-line of violent acts, he’s pulled a home-made shank on his lawyer, Barry Hart, during a scheduled visit to Auckland Central Remand.

Luckily for Hart, alert prison guards foiled his attack.

Dixon, is in prison awaiting a re-trial, for the 2003 drug fuelled crime spree that saw him shooting a man dead and severing the hands of two female associates ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ – using a samurai sword.

In 2007 Dixon used a fork to try and gouge out the eye of a fellow prisoner.

At his first trial, under Harts examination, Dixon revealed to the Jury……..

- How he was sexually abused as a child by his mother and family friends who were part of the Jehovah’s Witness church.
- Said his mother padlocked him to a fence where he developed an ability to speak telepathically with dogs, which was why he always got on with dogs.
- That according to his mother, he had inherited a demon from his father
- He heard “the voice of god” and said he thought of himself as “the chosen one”.
- That he believed his reward would be in the next world
- Planes, including a Boeing 747 - were used to follow him, his car and house were bugged and tracking devices had been put into his skin.
- On the night of his rampage, he said God appeared to him at The Thames warehouse he shared with the two other victims.
- He shot and killed his victim, after he saw horns coming from his head, which he described as “a biblical situation”.
- Quote: “I went outside and spoke to God and he said they were Judas’s, to behead them, and to turn the sword and kill myself.”

Many of you reading this, myself included, clearly see Mr Dixon has some significant mental health issues.

But according to the Court and the psychiatrists who examined him, he is sane enough to be tried in an ‘open’ court. Crazed may be, Dixon scored 168 in a recent IQ test undertaken in prison, placing him in the top one percent in the world.

And if Dixon is attempting to feign insanity, he and his lawyer have picked the wrong avenue by using this “God made me do it” line of defence.

Thanks to the ‘special privileges’ bestowed on religious epiphanists, and the politically correct nature of New Zealand society, it is impossible to discredit even samurai-slashing madmen who “speak to God” for it brings into question the very concept of God.

Every day of the week hundreds of thousands of Kiwi’s try talking to an invisible God, all of whom claim God returns their calls.

So what the court is saying is: Dixon is as sane as the next church goer.

Whilst some may receive Gods prophetic word, in a positive form, the New Zealand judicial system has adjudged it’s credible for someone to claim God issued the commands to commit a raft of crimes without being thrown into a padded cell, and perturbing for the neutrality of the system - religious beliefs are exempt full psychiatric examination.

In a nutshell……….

If the religious entity called God instructs you to kill someone and slash off hands with a samurai sword = almost automatically you’ll be adjudged sane (the judicial system not wanting to get bogged down with a protracted arguments for/against Gods/Devils existence)

If an Alien from the moon Titan called ‘Phobos’ instructs you to kill someone, and slash off hands with a samurai sword = you will likely be adjudged insane.

Presumably Dixon will have a new lawyer at his new trial.

Who knows, we may get to hear about the aliens yet?

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