Thursday, February 5, 2009

R.I.P Antonie Dixon: The sad product of childhood religious indoctrination

[Above is excerpt from Dixon’s now defunct myspace site]

Reports ‘hot off the press’, indicate Antonie Dixon, died in his Paremoremo Prison cell, last night.

His dead body was found with head & neck injuries.

Antonie, came from a family of devout Jehovah Witness’s, and if one believes his court testimony and that of his sister, this very same deeply-religious family molested him as a child, and then allowed fellow church members to do add to his abuse.

What is known is from an early age Dixon, went door to door prophesising with his mum, spent hours in church and at home recited verbatim Bible passages before he went to school.

His young mind was filled with tales of devils, demons and apocalypses.

He believed his father was a product of a union from an angel, a new world order was taking over.

Part of Dixon’s childhood discipline, saw him chained-up like a dog.

This childhood indoctrination, mental health issues mixed with drugs produced the outcomes, we saw manifesting itself in extreme violence.

The drugs, mental health issues are openly discussed, but his twisted religious up-bringing escapes criticism.

The strange & perturbing theme about Dixon’s case, was we all laughed at his ludicrous claims - like the one, the N.Z Police used a 747 aircraft to observe his movements, but the moment he stated his weird religious convictions, like people growing horns from their heads – we all are forced to take him seriously and enquire no further.

To avoid upsetting people in society who believe in Gods and demons etc, we compromise our very legal system and decency itself, and allow the same home environment that contributed to Dixon’s psychopathic actions, to be immune scrutiny and admonishment.

What is glaringly apparent, is no one of the state-employed psychologists, had the fortitude inside our court or at the pre-trail hearings, to analyse the issues behind Dixon’s obvious mental health problems – for to do so, by definition, would mean attacking his extreme religious up-bringing , the Jehovah Witness Church, and the beliefs of millions of Kiwi’s.

Ironically it was only when he was in prison Dixon was received treatment for his psychosis problems and that treatment had allowed Dixon to come forward to give evidence and tell his pitiful and cruel upbringing which he called “a chamber of horrors”.

As a country, on one hand we ban corporal punishment, but we still think it’s fine for parents to twist young-minds like Antonie’s, with harmful information like “woman are immoral” and “you’ll never be good enough to obtain ever-lasting life and burn in hell”.

It’s fine by our society to brainwash young minds with the ridiculous beliefs that “God will talk to you” to “obey his commands” and to look for “biblical visions” - even if the voices in your head command you to chop-off a limb with a samurai sword.

It’s perfectly permissible for your parents to dub you “the devils spawn”, but where they to smack your bum, they’d face charges and possible loss of custody.

When the hell are we going to wake-up and place religious teachings of this kind in the same category as ‘abuse’?

Footnote; When Antonie was ten, Social Welfare agencies, took him from his parents and placed him in state care. At the time, no mention was made of the psychological abuse he had suffered at the hands of his parents and church members – just the physical abuse at the hands of his mother was denoted on the case notes.


Anonymous said...

can you quote the source(s) for details of your knowledge of the early childhood?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Sure, it was transcripts from his trial available on the internet. The Herald newspaper did an excellent piece on this aspect as well. Dixons sister, who lives in London, gave credibility to his testimony, as it backed-up his ascertains he was physically/mentally and sexually abused as a child.Do a google.