Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Find-out why all Christian Pro-Lifers Support the Termination of Pregnancies

I’m putting my cards on the table here, right from the start – those virtuous Pro-Lifers make me want to puke, they make my skin-crawl, with their two-faced morality.

It’s not that I’m in the least bit interested in the subject of abortion either, like most Kiwis’ it doesn’t register on my radar.

There’s something about these sanctimonious types, spending their whole lives obsessing over a subject like abortion, when there are far greater ills in society – that gets my goat up.

These pro-lifers all have this supercilious ‘fighting the good fight’ approach, and a zealousness that puts a re-education officer from North Korea to shame.

They thrive, showing-us-all gruesome photos, politicking to ‘the cows come home’ and even physically attacking those who believe in a woman’s right to choose.

My own doctor’s wife has fallen foul of these zealots illegal tactics via abuse, vandalism and even death threats.

Let’s cut to the chase here: to a person, Pro-Lifers are Christian busy-bodies with no real-lives, and a myopic view of the world, only possible to focus on with ‘god-goggles’.

What is the most ironic thing about these Christian warriors is their deep-seated belief it is O.K to kill the unborn.

Yes, you read that correctly: all Christian pro-lifers are comfortable with the termination of a pregnancy.

But only, if it’s God does the termination.

Pro-lifers see no problem if their God decided tomorrow, that every pregnant woman on this planet miscarried, yet dare to use the banner pro-life!

Pro-Lifers don’t give a monkeys if your baby, was born was deformed.

Tough-shit buddy, that’s God will.

Footnote: Someone I know had a Christian door-knocker tell her, their son, who has MS, was cursed by God and his parents were to blame for his condition through their sinful ways reducing her to tears! Charming.

Pro-Lifers are comfortable with God drowning millions of pregnant woman, and children in the Biblical flood.

Pro-Lifers don’t give a rats-arse about the Woman & Couples rights – just appeasing their God.

These ‘Warriors of Christ’ don’t care if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, only following Gods will, that is to say, being defiled and then enduring the ignominy of carrying the attackers child to birth.

If a couple chooses to terminate a birth, due to the detection of a birth deformity in their unborn – this is against the sanctity of Gods word and must be stopped, but if God wants to terminate the same fetus, they see no problem.

A human can act in an immoral fashion – but never their precious God.

Their God can drown millions of children, pregnant women and they don’t take issue with this.

You never see an anti-abortion protest outside a Church, where a seething ‘foaming at the mouth’ mob displays placards with “God Kills Children” , “Stop the Slaughter of the Unborn”, “Gods blood is on your hands” etc.

That’s why Pro-Lifers make me want to puke.

They are inconsistent, moral bankrupts.

PS: Here’s what one of the pro-lifer types wrote me recently when I questioned him about Gods mass-drowning, so you get to know the mentality of these creeps. When reading this folks, just remember “it’s all very simple”!

I know that you won’t agree with this, but there is a difference between God executing judgement and a woman murdering her baby. God is entitled to execute judgement, a woman is not entitled to murder her baby. It’s all very simple: 1) God made the universe, therefore he owns it and he makes the rules 2) Every person has sinned and deserves the death penalty for sin 3) God is merciful and does not want people to die so Jesus died and paid the death penalty for us (he also came back to life to remind us that he is stronger than death). It is like a judge imposing a fine then offering to write a cheque and pay the fine 4) Those who do not accept the offer of the cheque will suffer punishment and final destruction: hell is not a place of endless torture {because God is not a sadist}, it is a place of final death 5) God is entitled to destroy anyone such as yourself who refuses the offer of the cheque, but instead he gives you unmerited favour and allows you to live so that you have plenty of opportunities for accepting the cheque I know that you do not believe any of this, but it is the truth whether or not you acknowledge it as the truth. Likewise “the sun rises in the east” is true even if you believe that it rises in the southwest. That is the nature of objective truth. Remember this always: God is not a cruel spoil-sport, he is love.

New Zealand Anti-Abortion
Pro-Life New Zealand.


Orion77 said...

And don't forget, they define abortionists and the women who use their services as child killers. And do you know what they argue is the appropriate punishment for these murderers?

Right to lifers argue that homicidal mothers and serial killing doctors deserve no less a punishment for their capital crimes than counselling, preferably religious. Now that is hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Sorry to hear some peole said that stuff to you. Just so you know, im a south african who left Canterbury a couple weeks before the 7.1 earthquake.. I know a girl who is the product of a rape, she is awesome. God works through the weakest people, not the strongest. Take King David for an example.. Murderer, adulterer etc. Its not how we are formed, see man is capable of much evil.. its what we do with our circumstances. religeon is mans way to get to God, Jesus is Gods way to get to man. Il pray God speaks to you, and who knows, maybe one day through you! Cheers and al the best. Ali