Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nazi’s flee Argentina for Rome!

Even for an organised-group with the world’s longest history of anti-semitism, this development over-night, must come as a blow to its already jaded record, and a huge embarrassment.

The Catholic Churches, role in assisting Nazi’s fleeing Europe to South America after World War Two, is well documented and irrefutable.

Now to have one of these favourite haunts for Nazi’s on the run, Argentina, summarily deport a Catholic Bishop for breaking laws against advocating hatred, namely anti-semetic outpourings, this all seems like a plot for a modern-day Gilbert & Sullivan.

Yesterday, Bishop Richard Williamson was asked to leave Argentina, where the Englishman had been living, after he refused to retract his denial of the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

Williamson is also on record for claiming the Israeli Mossad secret service & U.S Secret Service sympathisers, were behind September 11th.

At one stage Williamson was excommunicated by The Vatican, but just last month, they ‘had kissed and made-up’ and he was welcomed back in to the fold.

If for a brief second you thought The Vatican would finally take an ethical stand against their avowed theological enemies, the Jews, with his original excommunication, you would be wrong.

The original excommunication, wasn’t for Bishop Williamsons ongoing rabidly anti-Jewish utterances which continue unabated, it was for other “unrelated matters”, namely, Wlliamson was against The Vatican’s liberal reforms.

In a truly laughable, media statement on the controversial Bishop, The Vatican said “ The Pope had been unaware of Bishop Williamson's views, and had ordered him to recant”.

Evidently what the Vatican want you & me to believe, is they don’t have access to the internet, and they run a policy of ‘see no evil, hear, no evil’.

If only W.S Gilbert where alive today - what a splendid field day he would have with this material.

Nazi’s fleeing Argentina for Rome!

Funny as a play.

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