Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Atheist Motivational Posters of the piss-taking kind

Footnote; To those superstitious cave-dwellers, who have gone squawking to Google about, how offensive my poster creations are, in a futile attempt to stifle free-speech and in a crude attempt to get me closed-down - you guys have truly been my inspiration. You have provided me ample enough proof, that I’m making a difference out there in cyber-space, spurred-me-on to bigger and better things. You ain’t seen nothing yet!


nullifidian said...

I thought their pope was the most famous catholic.

That's me told.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Nah, Popes come and go. Who remembers the Pope from 1970 let alone 1940?

Orion77 said...

Ahh BTO, great sound, I think I had a red sweater just like that one, probably explains alot!

Canterbury Atheists said...

Starter for ten, name five other lead-singers, who had beards?

My answers below (don’t peek)

1. Guy out of E.L.O (Lynn?)
2. Guy out of Flaming Lips
3. Eurythmics man
4. ZZ Top
5. Ronnie from Wizard