Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mormonism is a Cult

Let’s tick the boxes folks: 

1.)    One of the major reasons why it started in the first place is its founder wanted his own exclusive harem of chicks to fuck.

2.)    The  founder and his subsequent heirs want to be wildly rich on the back of their followers toil.

3.)    The founder was a pathological liar and delusional nut-case.

4.)    The CLDS does it’s best to cover-up the fact it’s founder and prophet was a sexual deviant who preyed on other members wives, plagiarised the King James Bible & Freemasonry , made wild unsubstantiated claims, was a petty criminal and died at the hands of a lynch mob.

5.)    Any person with access to Wikipedia or even a 30 year old set of encyclopedias can prove historically what the Church of Later Days Saints have to say is a load of crap.

6.)    Anyone who is not a member is deemed unclean, a gentile.

7.)    Anyone who leaves the fold is ostracised.

8.)    None of its run-of-the-mill membership have any power     

9.)    The CLDS makes Roman Catholicism look like a front for Women’s Reproductive Rights.

10.)  Its founding agenda is racist = black people can’t go heaven and are living devils. All good cults are paranoid and target a sector of society as being especially evil.     

11.)   It has weird customs that any normal person would consider loony e.g. proxy Baptism, underwear with magical powers.   

12.)   It goes all out, extreme lengths to recruit membership.  

13.)   It practices mandatory tithing.

14.)    All it’s teaching are superior, ordained by God so it can do what the hell it likes.

Be sure to join-in.    



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