Monday, August 20, 2012

Deb Webber now believes she can control Christchurch’s Earth-Quakes!

That great oracle of intuitive journalism ‘The Woman’s Day’ is reporting that Television Medium, Deb Webber is to make Christchurch part of next month’s N.Z Tour.

Wop de fuck.

Lucky old us.

Just what a half destroyed city needs – a bull-shitting psychic.     

Woman’s Day reports Webber is planning a free group meditation session at the Papanui Workingmen's Club on September 30, in which she hopes will help to "settle the earth".

I for one can see why she picked the illustrious surrounds of The Papanui Workingmens Club for her spiritual healing sessions.

For starters most of The Pap Workingmans Club membership is closer to God than a random cross-section of Christchurch society, more sympathetic to the fanciful message of an afterlife.  

“I see a man in the corner of the room playing with a very large penis.”

“Does anyone know of a Tom, Thomas, Theo with a fixation to masturbate in public”?    

“He says his collection of videos are in the cupboard”     

The other reason for Webber to pick The Pap Workingnens Club , over say a school hall, is more obvious.

Most given nights its membership will be pissed enough to believe in her psychic powers.