Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why do Conservatives struggle with Homosexuality?

As a background to my story: New Zealand’s Parliament has just voted 2 to 1 to start formalising the ability for Gays to formally get married. Currently they can enter a pseudo marriage called a Civil Union.

Anyway the subject of Gay Marriage came up in topic around my bar leaner at my local pub on Friday night.

Most people in my group are conservative, default Catholics and National voters (think: Conservative Party in U.K or Republicans in USA)

It was surprising to hear how many thought being homosexual was something that was ‘learnt’ or ‘as a result of their up-bringing’

I listened tongue in check for a couple of minutes, musing their false logic before proclaiming…

“Oh I get it. The monastical life and teachings of the Catholic Church would explain why so many priests bugger little boys”

The discussion came to a prompt end.

Score one for critical thinking with a heavy dash of cynicism. 


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