Friday, August 17, 2012

Psychic Vulture Wanting to Exploit West Coast Mine Disaster Families

The Greymouth Star [16th August] is reporting….

Spiritual medium Deb Webber will be in Greymouth this spring for a special, private session with some families of the Pike River 29.

The Australian from the TV show Sensing Murder, will be in New Zealand for a national tour during which she will meet immediate family of those who died in the Christchurch earthquake and the Pike River Mine disaster, and "help heal the pain with readings", according to her publicist.

"I have been flooded with emails from family members so it will be nice to help them out," Webber's publicist said.

There is nothing, little worse than exploiting other peoples suffering.

Make no bones about it - this is what this con-artist does, with her unverifiable claims she can magically communicate with dead people.

Dogs and cats are a wee bit off her wave-length it appears as well as those fluent in Serbo-Croatian and the souls of Papua New Guinean tribe-men.  

You can see Webbers ‘inner workings’ in this magnificent piece of investigative journalism (You Tube ) by Australia’s ‘Seven Network’.

‘Seven Network’ exposed Deb Webber as being little more than delusional.  

Expensive, dangerous and certifiable delusions.  

Check out 3;45 on the Video where she claims to be able to ‘feel’ the energy of a dead sister  – only there is no fucking dead sister!   

The families of The Pike River mining disaster have suffered enough without having the Deb Webbers of this world heap more misery on them, with false claims she can speak with their dead love-ones, even people that aren't even dead and mere figments of her imagination.    

Deb Webber has no conscience.  

She knows in her heart of hearts what she does is false but she has interwoven herself into her own cocoon of lies.

Webber lives 24/7 in a daisy-chain fantasy world and she can’t stop ‘the beast’ she created in her own head.

Don’t share her dangerous fantasies.  

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