Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For Christ’s Sake Why Can’t This Guy Win an Olympic Gold?

This is the photo of some random guy I googled-up. 

Let’s pretend his sole desire in life is to represent his country in the Olympic 100 metres.

Win Gold.

Every night he and his inner circle pray to their God for this dream to happen.

He gets out around the track, into the gym.

Looking at him, he needs a lot of work.

Would it be rude or even callous to suggest directly to his face “You are wasting your time buddy” when he believes so intently miracles can occur?    

God will intervene, and on the scale of intervention his athletic elevation to Gold is a doddle compared to creating, controlling the entire universe.     

Why is it, even faced with ridiculous ascertains like this guy is going to beat Usain Bolt etc, Atheists are afraid to say directly, snigger only in small groups “Frankly this is a load of crap” and “No amount of praying is going to work here”?

Footnote: The hibernation is over. I’m back and you'll also have to put-up with my taste in music as well.      


BathTub said...

Welcome back!

If you still have that collection of old Ray Comfort trash, I am still interested.

BathTub said...

forgot to subscribe

Canterbury Atheists said...

Christchurch suffered a massive earthquake last year resulting in death and destruction. The city centre is still ‘red-zoned’ fenced off 18 months later. My garage was trashed and due to slit and gunk that comes from the ground I lost heaps of stuff, including this. Thanks for the kind words.

BathTub said...

No worries, glad to see you are blogging again.

Keith Kruger said...

Welcome back. Glad to see we have a different meaning for the word "indefinitely" :P