Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Zealand’s Associate Minister of Education thinks Planet Earth is 6,000 years old!

ACT(NZ) has always come across as a political party that aspires to Liberal policies.

Support for Civil Unions, prostitution reform spring to mind.

Through the quirks of politics somehow ACT now finds itself saddled with a sole (soul?) MP John Banks.  

A character more a-tune with the looney leader of far-right-religious Conservative Party than a party that champions personal freedom.       

ACT relies on John Banks seat of Epson for its political survival.
What is left of their membership must cringe when they hear a wowser like Banks profess his belief in a literal translation of Genesis.

Yes, the farcical six day creation bull-shit, the cartoon Flintstones are accurately depicted etc.      

Banks open dislike of humanist policies, desire to support a faith based schooling system must be at odds with the run-of-the-mill ACT supporter.      

Further The National Government relies on ACT for support, supply and demand.   

This support means a ministerial role for Banks.

He happens to be New Zealand’s Associate Minister of Education! 

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