Monday, August 20, 2012


Let’s draw a long bow here.

Pretend you belong to a reputable investigative group and you discover something major.

A discovery of global significance, a scientific break-through that will re-write what we know about life and death.

What would you do?  

Would you wait to release this ground-breaking ‘evidence’ in a documentary form six months after its ‘discovery’?

The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group claims it has definitive proof an Avonhead (Christchurch) house is haunted.  

This house is familiar to me – in fact my daughter attended a birthday party there about eight years ago – which could explain why, as a teenage girl she now acts like a she-devil on occasion and has Beelzebub as a ‘friend’ on Facebook.  

The owners at the time were a local family who it looks like sold their house to new immigrants from Korea, the father of which appears to have subsequently killed his family and then topped himself.  

Enter the new occupants who were fully aware of the houses deadly history, who claim (think: Antipodean version of Amityville but so-far without the book and film deal) that the things are now going bump in the dark, sulphur smells, dog barking at nothing etc – all as a result of the houses malicious Korean  spirits hanging around.   


So the frightened family called in Christchurch Paranormal Investigators to see what they could conclude was happening scientifically.

A priest they even called-in failed in exorcising the demons, so the frightened family were reduced to science. The word on the streets has it ‘The Exorcist 2’ was rented from local Video-Ezy the night this priest needed to do some over-due Latin homework.    

Following time in the house with their array of testing devices, CPI now claim, thinly veiled as in old hags sitting on rocking chairs - that their investigation did turn-up evidence of a haunting.

There is something going-on in the house outside the bounds of science.

Tantalising eh?

But humanity, scientific scrutiny, the world media as a whole won’t get to see their findings until CPI release their Documentary, the teaser of which resembles a cross between ‘Men in Black 3’ and The X-Files and will doubtless attract the same audience. .   

So we are left wondering “What is in the Documentery?’ and “Will it be in the $5 el-cheapo section of Video-Ezy along with The Exorcist 2?”  

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