Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Listening to the radio I just about choked with amusement on my Weetbix this morning.

Lucky I had a bottle of Real Ale close to wash it down the right way and a second to make sure I could cope with the rest of the day ahead.   

The leader of The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group, Anton Heyrick (real job: roof coater), wants Christchurch to know, he and his brave ghost-busters are going back into The Avonhead House of Horrors for one last night. There’s still some film left on the camera.

Sounds much like the recent visit by Kenny Rogers ‘The Night of The Musical Dead’  

Footnote: You know you are a musical back-wash when Kenny Rogers is as good as it gets.   

But it’s not just any old-night that CPIG will again tackle the AvonITYhead Horror.

Oh no, you just can’t pick any old night for the dead to rattle their chains, scare domestic pets, prove the dead don’t have access to dental hygiene or dry-cleaning with so many bad smells.

It’s the next full-moon. 


Why the hell would you even bother spending money on a large array of expensive equipment when the premise of your investigations is: Spooks and Hippies are more likely to turn-up for the party on a full-moon. Tests in the sixties proved the later to be a fact.

Is that wolves I hear baying at night on Christchurch’s Port Hills or just the lustful sounds of a teenage tryst?      

Can anyone take The Christchurch Paranormal Investigators Group and their claims seriously?    

Not me.  

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