Wednesday, October 20, 2010

See ya round like a dunny-roll

Dear Readers,

I am closing my blog ‘Canterbury Atheist’ indefinitely.

For the record, this is the 392nd post I’ve made since I started-up in April 2008.

I have a number of outside activities going on in my life – including writing a book, training for an endurance event - that are taking their toll time-wise.

Blogging is an outlet for me, but certainly not a big part of my life.

The tabloid ‘throw-away’ nature of blogs is something I constantly struggle with, find-somewhat but a short-fix and unfulfilling in the long-term scheme.

My best and most read articles have come-about after considerable research, time and effort (Examples: search, using the facility at the top-left for ‘Dalai Lama’ ‘Church of Odin’ and say ‘Zenith Applied Philosophy’)

The blogging platform is therefore limited to ‘throw-away’ articles, when I want to get into something more substantive. Not just limited to ‘free thought’ subject matter, either.

This is not the first time this blog has gone into recess, come hibernation, so I may well resurrect it, should the urges overcome me and I need to kill again, arrange the body parts geometrically and send the coppers cryptic messages taunting them.

You know you can’t trust an atheist’s word anyway.

To all my readers & even my detractors, some 250 a day, thanks for popping-by.

Keep safe and close to your family and friends.

Good-bye for now and thanks for all the fish.


PS: For the record Split Enz went down-hill without Judd.


BathTub said...

That's a pity.

Before you go, did you have a copy of Ray's Killer on the Loose?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I loved your work on Ray Comfort - that has historical currency.
Will miss popping in here.

Keith said...

Thank you for your perspective. I have enjoyed reading you blog. Take care and thanks again.

Canterbury Atheists said...

I have heaps of old Ray Comfort books from his earlier days in Christchurch awaiting a new home and dissection.Send me an email to canterburyatheist@gmail.comand I'll post them to you. Ta.Paul.

Anonymous said...

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