Friday, April 30, 2010

Watch the stage death of a Psychic Fraudster

To say this fraudster, James Van Praagh, is caught-floundering on Australian Television , is an understatement.

It’s embarrassing just how few hits this losers cold-reading gets from the bemused and increasingly cynical studio-audience.

Check out the faces and body language of Van Praagh, the audience and then the shows-host - who obviously gets the word from the producer to bring the public-humiliation to a premature end whilst they still have people at home watching.

Positively cringe-worthy.

Who the hell believes this sort of crap?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here are some of the Islamic Countries that legislate to allow Child Sex.

Imagine, as sickening as the proposition is, betrothing your own two year-old daughter to a forty year-old?

Then at 9 years-old you allow your daughter to ‘shack-up’ with her fiancé.

At 11 she is formally married and then consummation takes place.

She gives birth at 12 years-old.

As abhorrent as this scenario sounds, what has been outlined is the ‘norm’, and it is permissible under Islamic law in the following countries - that’s to say young-girls getting married and having sexual relations with their husbands, who are often decades older:

- Afghanistan
- Bahrain
- Iran
- Kuwait
- Nigeria
- Oman
- Pakistan
- Saudi Arabia
- United Arab Emirates
- Yemen

Girls are seen as objects in these countries, chattels for their fathers to dispose-of like cattle.

Kiwi’s would rather worry about whales and native-bush, conveniently turn a blind-eye to the oil-producers, rather than standing-up for what should be basic civilised human-rights for the female population in The Middle East and Africa.

New Zealanders and their allies are spilling-blood in Afghanistan for a turpitude, corrupt regime that has enshrined in it’s statute-books a carte-blanche for men to fuck girls – using the excuse “they are married in the eyes of our God and his book”

We are happy to sell meat to feed the faces of what in its lowest denominator are child-rapists.

Tut, tut silly old-me mentioning civilization and Islam in the same paragraph.


- All these very same countries ban homosexuality and imprison and torture anyone caught engaging-in male/male sex.
- Not to be outdone, the age of consent in that bastion of propriety, The Vatican City, is set at just 12 years-old.
- At 54 y.o, Islam’s prophet married one of his wives when she was a mere 6 year-old and began sexual relations with her just three years later. Thus the religious enshrinement that has lead to its practice in 2010.
- Some of these countries do set a minimum age for marriage – most frequently its nine years-old and nothing less than thirteen.
- In Nigeria a senator & state governor in their Government paid a dowry for a 12 year-old Egyptian girl who he whisked back-home and married a year later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Aliens Attack!

Professor Stephen Hawking is bang-on-the-money when he warns us to avoid seeking-out contact with other intelligent life-forms – foreboding mankind that there’s a good chance these technologically superior extraterrestrials may well harbour the same nihilistic traits we humans exhibit – thus bringing ‘the enemy to our door’ and ultimately our decimation and/or enslavement.

His analogy is a fitting-one “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the native Americans.”

Hawking correctly suggests we are best to shut-up and stay contented on our non-descript planet in our corner of the vast universe, rather than tempt fate and attract unwanted attention.

Actively searching the skies for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) with “come around for a cup of coffee” invitation is just the sort of thing Hawking believes we should avoid.

Understating the peril to avoid scaring the children, Hawking describes attempts to actively see-out alien life-forms as “a little too risky”.

Let’s take his well-founded warnings seriously.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The 'Spot The Creepy Pope' Challenge

Firstly turn-on the subject-relevant music (above) then take-your-time picking-out the interloper I’ve strategically placed amongst the real photos of Pope Benedict 16th.

Take your time – this is more difficult than it first appears.

Answer is in the comments section.

Ever wondered what causes earthquakes?

Yep, boobs!
Background on this ground-breaking (get the pun?) seismic (I’m on a roll) discovery here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“The Kids asked for it!” claims Catholic Bishop

Unable to take ownership of the issues which have lead to 1 in 25 priests being accused of child-molestation – The Catholic Church has been doing its best to deflect attention from its own endemic immorality and blame instead a large range of outside influences.

Just to re-cap on why exactly Catholic Priests love fucking kids (straight from the Propaganda Ministry of The Vatican) so far we’ve heard it’s all down-to:

1.) Satan: Yes, the arch-boogey man was dragged-out, early-on in the piece.

2.) A Secular Society: Per RATzinger it was societal woes that were behind the 15,000 cases in Ireland, Catholicism was guiltless.

3.) The Jews: An oldie but a goodie - it’s the Jewish controlled media that’s pumping this thing up. Then in an amazing turn-around, in the next breath The Vatican wanted the world to know they were being persecuted like The Jews!

4.) The Homo’s: It’s all because those hell-bound faggots have infiltrated our ranks en-masse. RATzingers # 2 that dreamed that one-up.

Now you can add another two pathetic & delusional excuses to this load-of-crock why Catholic Priests love fucking Children and have been doing-so for its entire history:

5.) Pornography: Per The Mexican Bishop Felipe Arizmendi it’s all down to Internet porn. His words speak volumes of the type of sycophantic character The Catholic Church sees fit to tell us how to live our own lives:

“With so much invasion of eroticism, sometimes it’s not easy to stay celibate or to respect children. If on television and on the Internet and in so many media outlets there is pornography, it is very difficult to stay pure and chaste".

Ah so that explains all those pre-Internet historic cases. What a sad-fuck Bishop Arizmendi must be - perfect characteristics for one so high-up in The Catholic Church.

6.) The Kids asked for it! Yet, another Bishop, Bernando Álvarez now wants us to feel sorry for all those poor Priests having eight-year old boys throwing themselves on them like some sort of groupies. His insulting & inflammatory words to the 30,000 known victims of clergy abuse were:

“There are 13 year old ado­les­cents who are under age and who are per­fectly in agree­ment with, and what’s more want­ing it, and if you are care­less they will even pro­voke you”

That’s right – you read it right - all those abused kids asked for it!

The Priests were the innocent party and were “provoked” into raping children.

This is the same sort of twisted, sickening rhetoric you hear from a lifelong pedophile, unable to distinguish the boundaries between child and adults.

It beggars belief just what depths can this Church can stoop to when it is now blaming innocent children.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Catholic Church has a 2,000 Year-Old History of Child Abuse.

Manifestly the abuse of children by Catholic priests has been a stable part of ‘life’ with-in The Catholic Church since its inception.

Pedophilia has been rampant for 2,000 years & successive Popes have failed to reduce this insidious plague – of this there can be no argument.

Through-out history there has been a rare Pope that have tried to stop this abuse – but their attempts ultimately ended in failure - the sickening mental, physical and sexual abuse of children being intertwined with the history of Catholicism -part of 'the wood-work.'

Without exception every Pope has a practiced some-form of cover-ups of the child-abuse amongst its ranks & protection of Churches good-name remains to this day The Vatican’s major priority.

Popes were guilty of child-abuse themselves.

The raping of children is as much an intrinsic ritual within the church as baptism.

This video exposes the sordid history of pedophilia within Catholicism that dates back 2,000 years.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why do so many Catholics Priests love fucking children?

Italy, Ireland, Germany, Chile, Australia – there isn’t a single country on the planet where the endemic abuse of the vulnerable perpetrated by Catholic priests, hasn’t taken place.

Even the closest Catholic Church to my house had a case.

Catholic apologists on this global pedophilia plague, continually like point-out that it is “only a small minority” even when faced with a study from their own Church that indicates the rate of offending in the ranks of clergy, is an horrendous 1 in 25 (refer my article from last week)

There are of course many other groups I can think-of that have such access and authority over children – both religious and secular.

Take for example humanitarian groups like The Red Cross and Save The Children.

These aid groups have access to vulnerable children on a mass scale, frequently-in places where the recipients are un-educated - the perfect hunting grounds for those that prey on children for their perversion.

Why isn’t the media full of “child sex scandals” surrounding say the ranks of The Red Cross?

Clearly there are other global religions – so why aren’t their ordained members abusing the children in their congregations on every continent?

Surely if the rate of child-abuse within Islam was on the same-scale as that of The Catholic Church – we would have heard about it – but because it happens so infrequently it’s a non-issue.

Muslim Imam’s and Anglican Ministers can administer their flocks without corrupting the younger members of their mosques & churches - but not Catholic priests.

The most obvious & logical answer is: Catholic Priests love fucking children and something is going-on in their heads that warps their own perspective on human sexuality.

If not, offer me a better explanation?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

There’s a long-rich history of sexual deviants becoming Popes – so what’s so strange about another one?

Sergius III (? – 911) murdered his predecessor to come to power, defiled his corpse, fathered an an illegitimate son to his mistress who was 14 at the time, and then ensured it was his bastard son that would take his pontificate upon his death.

Pope John XII (937 – 964) was another one who liked ‘keeping it in the family’ – his niece fathered one of his brats. Once personally castrated one of his subdeacons and then cut the rest of him up.

Pope John XIII (965-72) was, for the most part, an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church and remains so even to this day. He was a randy geezer – so much so that he converted The Latern Palace into a brothel. Was known to prey-on female pilgrims to St. Peter's. It was John Paul XIII stray-rooting that lead to his untimely demise. An irate husband who came home to find his wife in bed with the pontiff took the matter into his own hands and stabbed him to death!

As usual as his death may appear, he wasn’t the first Pope to die in the act of sexual congress.

John Paul’s predecessor, Pope John XII happened to die in exactly the same circumstances!

Pope Benedict IX (c. 1012 – 1065/85) had an incestuous relationship with his cousin and then sold the papacy to his own godfather because he was sick of the job.

Pope Clement VI (1291-1352) watched two thirds of his congregation die of the plague ravaging Europe who blamed The Jews for the outbreaks origins. Clement didn’t mind admitting he was “a sinner amongst sinners” which he was - on a scale with no parallel in its day. He and his cardinals use to dine with their harem of prostitutes in what were called "Banquets of the Walnuts". After the meal, the gathered Cardinals had all of the prostitutes who had dined with them disrobe. Then a bucket of walnuts was scattered across the floor and the women ordered to pick them up, on hands and knees, the better for the Cardinals to see and choose from among the vulvas present for their carnal pleasure His lavish spending almost bankrupted the church.

Pope Alexander VI (1431 – 1503) Bribed his way to The Papacy and whilst in power he sired at least seven different illegitimate children by his mistresses, and didn’t hesitate to reward them with handsome endowments at the church’s expense. His breeding didn’t stop there. He had an incestuous relationship with his daughter Lucrezia and fathered a son by her. Had an affinity for throwing orgies that usually culminated with little naked boys jumping out of large cakes.

Pope Leo X (1475 – 1521) Died in the bed of his homosexual lover.

Pope Julius III (1555 odd) Julius discovered a 13 year old beggar called Innocenzo on the streets of Parma before ascending to the pontificate, and he adopted him as his own nephew. Innocenzo openly slept in the same bed as Julius and boasted of the boy's prowess.

So what we currently have another rat-bag wearing the fishermans-ring?

Benedict XVI has a long illustrious list of predecessor to look-up-to.
He's just learning-his-trade.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Message to all Catholics: Rest easy all these problems in the church are down to The Homo’s and Jews.

After esoteric excuses, namely ‘Satan’, failed convince rational-humans & stop the keys on journalists type-writers clattering away, The Catholic Church has now turned to more traditional escape-goats to explain-away its current problems.

Now cornered, The Vatican wants you to now know all this messy child-molestation and cover-ups business - is all down to the Homo’s and Jews!

According to no lesser person that The Vatican Foreign Minister, who is on a visit to Chile, “there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia.”

Meanwhile states-side it looks like U.S Catholic’s have entered the denial phase of their grieving-process.

We have a Catholic Bishop there now blaming the almost daily media reports on Ratzingers complicity in child-abuse cases as being part of a Jewish media conspiracy.

This is not just a Church in crisis - it is a Church in melt-down without a single ounce of moral fortitude between the whole-lot of them.

A sad bunch of twisted, old men bereft of the honesty to own-up to the problems besieging their organisation.

All Catholics should be shamed at this latest outburst.

But of course as ‘good Catholics’ they won’t be.

Catholics believe in everything they are told from The Church as literal truth – even when it is bare-faced lies, like pedophilia in its ranks is down to some-sort of homosexual infiltration and all the media reports are being beefed-up by a cliché of powerful Jews.

If there wasn’t such perverted & sinister motives to their deluded utterances - like The BBC is owned & run by a Jewish family - it would almost be amusing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The sad-case of The Whistle-blowing Catholic Brother abandoned by his Church

During his later years Brother Peter Burke was a round peg in a square hole.

As Australasian head of ‘The Order of St John of God’ he tried his best to deal with the hundreds of cases of intellectually disabled boys on both sides of the Tasman raped and abused by Catholic brothers within the order over four decades - handling these numerous complaints with honesty & openness accorded to the victims, police & media alike.

Saying “sorry” where it was needed.

Burke didn’t cover-up and follow the protocols set-out by The Vatican at the time which was to keep things in-house and relocate the offending priest to a remote location. Papua New Guinea to this day remains a favourite regional dumping-zone for pedophile priests. He assisted Police investigations which lead to his compatriots being imprisoned.

For his honesty and transparency Peter Burke was treated as a pariah by fellow members of The Order of St John of God.

Abandoned by his colleges as someone who didn’t tow the party line he spent his retirement in 2007 prior to his death in February of this year - alone in his Sydney one-bedroom flat – a broken man.

Contrast the scurrilous treatment Burke received as a ‘whistle-blower’ with that The Order of St John of God now lavish-on Canterbury’s biggest pedophile – Rodger William Maloney – the brother Burke helped bring to justice.

Since his recent release into the Christchurch community Maloney has being in the care of The Order of St John of God.

Maloney still maintains he is innocent of his years of offending to the point he is embittered that he was some-how personally hard-done-by by Burke and society as a whole.

Last week a shameless Maloney left prison and was welcomed back with open-arms by The Order of St John of God.

Never stripped of his priesthood Maloney has been ingratiated back into the very environment that spawned his abuse and wrecked the lives of hundreds of boys, now men.

When his 12 month parole in New Zealand is over, The Order of St John already have made plans for Maloney to be re-located to sunny Queensland to see out his days amongst his peers, who patently care little of his heinous criminal record and potential to re-offend given he still sees himself as the victim.

If anyone wonders why sexual abuse will never be stamped-out in The Catholic Church, one only needs look at this case.

Catholics should look-forward to prospect of The Pope being arrested during his U.K Visit.

"This man is not above or outside the law. The institutionalised concealment of child rape is a crime under any law and demands not private ceremonies of repentance or church-funded payoffs, but justice and punishment." [Christopher Hitchens]

Richard Dawkins and his right-hand man Christopher Hitchens are planning a legal ambush to have the Pope arrested during his September state visit to Britain “for crimes against humanity”.

The pair believe they can exploit the same legal principle used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, the late Chilean dictator, when he visited Britain in 1998.

All Catholics who believe he is innocent, should look-forward to his arrest and questioning by British Police, so all these baseless allegations made against him, can be put to rest.

What does an innocent man like him have to fear?

Even should British Police prosecutors feel there is a case to answer, Papal apologists who believe Ratzinger is innocent of covering-up sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, should welcome the chance for him to prove his innocence in an open court of law.

He would have the best team of defence-lawyers money could buy.

Ratzingers trial will be one of the biggest in world-history and his innocence or guilt could be measured in a court of law rather than the current ‘court of media’.

Things could be put-to-rest once and for all with such a trial.

Surely ‘justice’ is something that means something and is still in the vocabulary of The Vatican and the billion Catholics around the globe should be welcoming & embracing the prospect of Ratzinger facing his accusers and proving his innocence once-and-for-all.

Anyone who is trying to rally-against his questioning by British Police clearly thinks he has something to hide.

And to those who think that think Ratzinger is a head-of-state and can claim diplomatic immunity, they need a little history lesson that it was the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini that bestowed The Vatican the title ‘state’ and The United Nations doesn’t recognise their sovereignty any more than the Sea-Org head-quarters of The Scientologists in Florida.

Friday, April 9, 2010

At least one in 25 Catholic Priests has faced sexual abuse allegations!

A comprehensive, long-term study commissioned by the Catholic Bishops' Council in the United States found that approximately 4 per cent of ordained priests had sexual misconduct allegations made against them between 1950 and 2002.

This equates to a ratio one in 25 ordained priests, and let’s not forget most sexual abuse victims chose to keep their suffering secret, so the actual number/percentage would likely be greater than this, given these were only the priests reported-to Church authorities.

This sad & frightening statistic comes from none-other than the Catholic Church itself, and makes a mockery of apologists false & misleading claims that only “a small number of priests are involved.”

Confirmation that at least 1 in 25 priests faced allegations of sexual abuse goes to prove just how endemic and rife sexual deviancy is within The Catholic Church clergy.

In-fact I would suggest it is so rife, as to be impossible to root-out completely.

Catholic Church harbours Serial Pedophile Priest in Canterbury’s midst!

This is Rodger William Moloney.

Father Rodger William Moloney.

Moloney abused over a hundred boys, many of them ‘special needs’ entrusted to his care, whilst he headed The St John of God residential-school, located in Oakland (Christchurch)

These are the known, reported victims of Father Moloney – doubtless the real-list of those who suffered at his hands would be much greater – the varying handicaps of the victims impinging further investigation.

Yet, despite being found guilty of mass-abuse , The Catholic Church paying over 5.0 N.Z Million dollars in compensation to his victims – Moloney still claims he is innocent and all the boys made-up the decades of assorted physical & sexual deviancy.

Father Maloney, is an unrepentant mass-pedophile with no parallel in Canterbury’s history who preyed on the most vulnerable of the vulnerable - yet perplexingly is considered by The Parole Board to now be ‘safe’ enough to be released back into the Christchurch community after serving less that one-third of his sentence?

The weak system of justice here in New Zealand having meant Father Moloney served less than four days prison-time for every one of his known victims.

And to rub salt into the wounds of these victims, many of which still carry the mental scars - where was it that the scum-bag Father Rodger William Moloney was recently paroled to?

Back to the care of St John of God - that’s where!

That’s right, as bloody unbelievable as sounds, the very group & place Moloney perpetrated all his numerous crimes was deemed to be the safest place for the community at large.

Clearly to anyone who looks at this case, St John of God was unable to stop or detect his abuse over numerous years when he last served in the Order, yet in a stunning decision The N.Z Parole Board now thinks this is the perfect place for his rehabilitation.

To further spit-in-the-face of restorative-justice the New Zealand public demands, once Moloney has finished his 12 months of parole at St John of God in Christchurch the order plans to whisk him-off to Australia’s Gold Coast where he can see out his days – still as a priest!

Note: Moloney’s partner in crime was Brother Bernard McGrath and I’ll cover his sordid life shortly and what he's up-to shortly.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Group founded by Deviant Priest alive and well in New Zealand!

Father Marcial Marciel (1928-2008) is a Mexican priest who founded of the Catholic Orders ‘Legionaries of Christ’ and ‘Regnum Christi’ (think Opus Dei)

Marciel was also a sexual deviate with a taste for young boys & pre-pubescent girls, embezzled money, fathered at least six children - some of which he began fucking, abused drugs and had serious mental-issues – the perfect CV for one in such a pious and lofty position within The Catholic Church.

Most if not all of Marciels activities the current Pope, in his old capacity, knew was happening & did what we now know he normally did at the time....nothing substantive!

Championed by Pope Paul II (cuddly photo of both above)after founding the Legion of Christ in Mexico in 1941, Marciel built a vast network of schools, colleges, seminaries and lucrative real estate holdings. At its peak the Legion had an annual budget of US$650 million, more than 650 priests and 60,000 members all around the planet – a large number of which knew their leader intimately it appears.

His network extended to New Zealand and his ‘good work’ is carried on by Catholics in New Zealand to this day.

At one-stage Dunedin, apostolates from Regnum Christi even ran their own radio program to relay Marciel's ‘good-word’ to the peoples of Otago. Which parts of his doctrine these devotees espoused during this air-time is open to conjecture.
New Zealanders also flew to Rome which houses the H.Q of the Legion of Christ to seek Marciels personal instruction - even knelling in his presence and kissing his ring - both subservient acts many of those who had a private audience with him over the years, got to do (in a Biblical sense of the terms)

Empowered with their trip to Rome & taking a leaf-out-of their illustrious founders book (no doubt the pages would be stuck together & have a centre-fold) Regnum Christi members started a nationwide campaign amongst The Catholic Community of New Zealand for fathers and sons to bond together. These man/boy bonding sessions involve weekends away (I assure you, even I couldn’t make this sort of stuff-up!) and are rather appropriately, if not ironically marketed as ‘Conquest Events.’ (I promise you I’m not making this up!)

Indeed instructing children appears to be a major part of Regnum Christi’s modus-operandi in New Zealand. Their publicity trumpets ‘week long-summer camps for youth’, first communion programs for youngsters and some-thing they call ‘Priest Appreciation Evenings’. One boggles what-goes-on at one of these ‘appreciation’ evenings run by a group that falls under the banner of a lay-movement and is mandated by a lying, reprobate who liked nothing better than playing ‘hide the sausage’ with any kids he could get his grubby hands-on.

Obviously the credibility of The Regnum Christi and Legionaries of Christ sects in New Zealand is in tatters - permanently tainted with their founder’s sordid, ribald legacy.

It doesn’t take my jibes to tell them their days are over – their credibility is on par with a white-power skinhead group.

Immediate closure is their only credible option.
Good riddance too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meet the 10,000th Kiwi baby The Catholic Church wanted dead!

The babies name is Zoe and her doting and proud parents are Aucklanders Natasha & Anish Martis.

Any parent can look at this photo can share their joy.

Zoe is unique - she’s New Zealand’s 10,000th IVF baby!

So what sort of cold-hearted person would deny couples like Natasha & Anish the chance to have children?

What sort of person could deny Zoe a life and brand this small 11 day-old baby as intrinsically ‘evil’ and tag her parents as 'moral deviants'?

Those callous heartless individuals happen to come with a title like ‘father’ or ‘sister’.

Those cold-blooded, semi-humans can be identified by dog-collars and habits – befittingly black in colour, like their hearts.

Today these very-same savage celibate men who wanted to deny Zoe, and 9,999 other children like her, a life are actually instructing others how to be "good" using their own warped & twisted version of the term.

In the year 2010 The Catholic Church in New Zealand still considers IVF treatment to be “gravely evil” and “morally unacceptable.”

The Vatican would like to see a worldwide ban on IVF.

The Catholic Churches stand against fertility treatment is totally repugnant and an affront to normal decency.

In-fact the policy is evil.

Criticism of The Catholic Church is tantamount to anti-Semitism – you read that right.

History was made yesterday.

You were alive to hear the worlds ‘richest’ statement – ever!

The gold-medal in the specialist event, known as: ‘the pot calling the kettle black.’

Here it is......

“Anyone who criticises The Catholic Church is committing an abuse comparable with those committed against the Jewish religion.”

In other-words, those spoken yesterday by of none-other than Vatican spokesman Rev Federico, criticism of The Catholic Church is tantamount to the act of anti-Semitism.

That’s right peoples – the group with the longest and most bitter history of Jew hating and the prime faith of those who orchestrated the atrocity known as The Holocaust – wants to label and silence its detractors by labeling them as acting like anti-Semites!

As I said in my intro, this has to be the “richest” statement of all time.

Ironically this outrage and abuse of the true meaning of the term anti-Semite came on the same-day The Archbishop of Canterbury stated the Roman Catholic Church has lost "all credibility" over the way it had dealt with paedophile priests.

This anti-Semitism parallel is further proof, if it were necessary, that The Catholic Church has indeed no credibility.

No mandate to preach to anyone on any subject, given it is the world’s largest historic abuser of children, lead by an ex-Nazi who covered-up acts of this abuse.

Just how low can this morally bankrupt group stoop?

Footnote: As you know I normally post a relevant piece of music to the article. Well one song that has recently come to my attention is by an artist, I admit I’ve never been a fan of – that was until now (must be getting old). This haunting humanist song by Joni Mitchell is worth a spin on any secularists turn-table. It's long but worth the listen.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

North American Indian Tribe on a spiritual-mission to re-stock all of Canterbury’s Salmon!

About a hundred years-ago salmon were introduced to Canterbury from North America – to be exact they came from McCloud River in northern California – which has seen hard times lately due to damming, and now has low stocks of these fish.

Resultantly and not unsurprisingly, the native-American tribe from that area would like to see the descendents of the original quinnat-salmon back in the McCloud River.

A two-dozen strong delegation from The Winnemem Wintu tribe in California have just spent two weeks in Christchurch, four days and nights of which involved singing & dancing by the Rakaia River.

These ceremonies were an attempt to “re-establish the tribes relationship” with the fish.

Yes, members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe actually believe that their ceremony would re-home the stocks of N.Z salmon and they would ignore their genetic-programs & miraculously begin the 6,000 mile ocean-swim to California!

However well-intentioned this trip was it is clear to anyone with half-a-brain-cell the whole “spiritual journey” thing was always going to be a waste of time & money - some-thing to laugh about at the pub over a jug of beer.

But because of political correctness and the free-ride superstations of all kinds get in the local media – no one had the guts to starkly tell these folk “you are wasting your time.”

Instead we had to put-up with television reports which made the whole Red-Indian charade look like an episode from a nature-channel hosted by David Attenborough.

Local Fish & Game officers put aside common-sense and made fools of themselves by acting as guides.

Not one reporter in the media bothered to ask a fisheries biologist “what are the chances were of an entire population of salmon re-inventing enmasse their inbuilt migratory mechanisms instructing them to find their home ‘birth’ stream?” – because they knew damn well the unpalatable answer before asking.

Amongst this sycophantic reporting I was half expecting something like “I suppose you’ll call home using smoke-signals to save on tolls?”

No-one in this PC malaised-country openly had the guts to state out-loud the bleeding obvious “the emperor has no clothes” least they up-set the tribes right to act like superstitious bumpkins in the face of reality even a 10 year-old could see for what it is.

Footnote: In a concession to the 21st century it appears during their time-here the tribe hedged-their-bets by also investigating about exporting the eggs back home as well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Has there ever been a more appropriately named journalist given the subject matter?

The Christian Concept of Marriage includes rape of virgins as a starting-point

Family First (a.k.a Family Fist) have launched a nationwide billboard campaign to promote the benefits of getting married.

Now the term ‘married’ under the glare of the all-seeing eyes of Family First means in the sanctity of an ordained minister – preferably one of the Protestant denominations. In the small-print of their Old-Testament beliefs you’ll also find the concept of a marriage can never extend to same-sex couples either.

Yes, indeed this ‘shacking-up’ business must stop, or the country will be on the slippery slope to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Instead what we Kiwi’s need to do is look to The Bible to get our markers on the-sanctity-of-marriage in eyes of Yahweh (he’s a well known modern god by the way, who had a hit song a couple of millennia back)

Say a section of their best-seller penned by Yahweh called Deuteronomy 22: 28-29 for example:

28: If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;

29: Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

So any male who wants to go-out and commit rape, does so with the simple proviso he needs to marry his victim after the act(naturally all rape victims want to marry their attackers, eh) and pay her old-man a bounty.

It is clear to any good Yahweh-fearing Christian, males simply need identify their prey as being virgins, rape them, then presumably force the traumatized victim to get married in a good-Christian ceremony by a good-Christian minister, whilst her old-man counts his hush-money in the back row of the church.

That’s what that ultimate moral-code: The Bible, clearly states.