Monday, April 5, 2010

Group founded by Deviant Priest alive and well in New Zealand!

Father Marcial Marciel (1928-2008) is a Mexican priest who founded of the Catholic Orders ‘Legionaries of Christ’ and ‘Regnum Christi’ (think Opus Dei)

Marciel was also a sexual deviate with a taste for young boys & pre-pubescent girls, embezzled money, fathered at least six children - some of which he began fucking, abused drugs and had serious mental-issues – the perfect CV for one in such a pious and lofty position within The Catholic Church.

Most if not all of Marciels activities the current Pope, in his old capacity, knew was happening & did what we now know he normally did at the time....nothing substantive!

Championed by Pope Paul II (cuddly photo of both above)after founding the Legion of Christ in Mexico in 1941, Marciel built a vast network of schools, colleges, seminaries and lucrative real estate holdings. At its peak the Legion had an annual budget of US$650 million, more than 650 priests and 60,000 members all around the planet – a large number of which knew their leader intimately it appears.

His network extended to New Zealand and his ‘good work’ is carried on by Catholics in New Zealand to this day.

At one-stage Dunedin, apostolates from Regnum Christi even ran their own radio program to relay Marciel's ‘good-word’ to the peoples of Otago. Which parts of his doctrine these devotees espoused during this air-time is open to conjecture.
New Zealanders also flew to Rome which houses the H.Q of the Legion of Christ to seek Marciels personal instruction - even knelling in his presence and kissing his ring - both subservient acts many of those who had a private audience with him over the years, got to do (in a Biblical sense of the terms)

Empowered with their trip to Rome & taking a leaf-out-of their illustrious founders book (no doubt the pages would be stuck together & have a centre-fold) Regnum Christi members started a nationwide campaign amongst The Catholic Community of New Zealand for fathers and sons to bond together. These man/boy bonding sessions involve weekends away (I assure you, even I couldn’t make this sort of stuff-up!) and are rather appropriately, if not ironically marketed as ‘Conquest Events.’ (I promise you I’m not making this up!)

Indeed instructing children appears to be a major part of Regnum Christi’s modus-operandi in New Zealand. Their publicity trumpets ‘week long-summer camps for youth’, first communion programs for youngsters and some-thing they call ‘Priest Appreciation Evenings’. One boggles what-goes-on at one of these ‘appreciation’ evenings run by a group that falls under the banner of a lay-movement and is mandated by a lying, reprobate who liked nothing better than playing ‘hide the sausage’ with any kids he could get his grubby hands-on.

Obviously the credibility of The Regnum Christi and Legionaries of Christ sects in New Zealand is in tatters - permanently tainted with their founder’s sordid, ribald legacy.

It doesn’t take my jibes to tell them their days are over – their credibility is on par with a white-power skinhead group.

Immediate closure is their only credible option.
Good riddance too!


DM said...



you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

but you LOST…


Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism…



atheists deny their own life element…



Canterbury Atheists said...

Thanks for contributing.

Your insightful, balanced comments have added greatly to this article.

Loved the bit about 'light'
(what-ever it meant?)

May Zeus bless you.