Friday, April 9, 2010

Catholic Church harbours Serial Pedophile Priest in Canterbury’s midst!

This is Rodger William Moloney.

Father Rodger William Moloney.

Moloney abused over a hundred boys, many of them ‘special needs’ entrusted to his care, whilst he headed The St John of God residential-school, located in Oakland (Christchurch)

These are the known, reported victims of Father Moloney – doubtless the real-list of those who suffered at his hands would be much greater – the varying handicaps of the victims impinging further investigation.

Yet, despite being found guilty of mass-abuse , The Catholic Church paying over 5.0 N.Z Million dollars in compensation to his victims – Moloney still claims he is innocent and all the boys made-up the decades of assorted physical & sexual deviancy.

Father Maloney, is an unrepentant mass-pedophile with no parallel in Canterbury’s history who preyed on the most vulnerable of the vulnerable - yet perplexingly is considered by The Parole Board to now be ‘safe’ enough to be released back into the Christchurch community after serving less that one-third of his sentence?

The weak system of justice here in New Zealand having meant Father Moloney served less than four days prison-time for every one of his known victims.

And to rub salt into the wounds of these victims, many of which still carry the mental scars - where was it that the scum-bag Father Rodger William Moloney was recently paroled to?

Back to the care of St John of God - that’s where!

That’s right, as bloody unbelievable as sounds, the very group & place Moloney perpetrated all his numerous crimes was deemed to be the safest place for the community at large.

Clearly to anyone who looks at this case, St John of God was unable to stop or detect his abuse over numerous years when he last served in the Order, yet in a stunning decision The N.Z Parole Board now thinks this is the perfect place for his rehabilitation.

To further spit-in-the-face of restorative-justice the New Zealand public demands, once Moloney has finished his 12 months of parole at St John of God in Christchurch the order plans to whisk him-off to Australia’s Gold Coast where he can see out his days – still as a priest!

Note: Moloney’s partner in crime was Brother Bernard McGrath and I’ll cover his sordid life shortly and what he's up-to shortly.

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