Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here are some of the Islamic Countries that legislate to allow Child Sex.

Imagine, as sickening as the proposition is, betrothing your own two year-old daughter to a forty year-old?

Then at 9 years-old you allow your daughter to ‘shack-up’ with her fiancĂ©.

At 11 she is formally married and then consummation takes place.

She gives birth at 12 years-old.

As abhorrent as this scenario sounds, what has been outlined is the ‘norm’, and it is permissible under Islamic law in the following countries - that’s to say young-girls getting married and having sexual relations with their husbands, who are often decades older:

- Afghanistan
- Bahrain
- Iran
- Kuwait
- Nigeria
- Oman
- Pakistan
- Saudi Arabia
- United Arab Emirates
- Yemen

Girls are seen as objects in these countries, chattels for their fathers to dispose-of like cattle.

Kiwi’s would rather worry about whales and native-bush, conveniently turn a blind-eye to the oil-producers, rather than standing-up for what should be basic civilised human-rights for the female population in The Middle East and Africa.

New Zealanders and their allies are spilling-blood in Afghanistan for a turpitude, corrupt regime that has enshrined in it’s statute-books a carte-blanche for men to fuck girls – using the excuse “they are married in the eyes of our God and his book”

We are happy to sell meat to feed the faces of what in its lowest denominator are child-rapists.

Tut, tut silly old-me mentioning civilization and Islam in the same paragraph.


- All these very same countries ban homosexuality and imprison and torture anyone caught engaging-in male/male sex.
- Not to be outdone, the age of consent in that bastion of propriety, The Vatican City, is set at just 12 years-old.
- At 54 y.o, Islam’s prophet married one of his wives when she was a mere 6 year-old and began sexual relations with her just three years later. Thus the religious enshrinement that has lead to its practice in 2010.
- Some of these countries do set a minimum age for marriage – most frequently its nine years-old and nothing less than thirteen.
- In Nigeria a senator & state governor in their Government paid a dowry for a 12 year-old Egyptian girl who he whisked back-home and married a year later.

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