Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meet the 10,000th Kiwi baby The Catholic Church wanted dead!

The babies name is Zoe and her doting and proud parents are Aucklanders Natasha & Anish Martis.

Any parent can look at this photo can share their joy.

Zoe is unique - she’s New Zealand’s 10,000th IVF baby!

So what sort of cold-hearted person would deny couples like Natasha & Anish the chance to have children?

What sort of person could deny Zoe a life and brand this small 11 day-old baby as intrinsically ‘evil’ and tag her parents as 'moral deviants'?

Those callous heartless individuals happen to come with a title like ‘father’ or ‘sister’.

Those cold-blooded, semi-humans can be identified by dog-collars and habits – befittingly black in colour, like their hearts.

Today these very-same savage celibate men who wanted to deny Zoe, and 9,999 other children like her, a life are actually instructing others how to be "good" using their own warped & twisted version of the term.

In the year 2010 The Catholic Church in New Zealand still considers IVF treatment to be “gravely evil” and “morally unacceptable.”

The Vatican would like to see a worldwide ban on IVF.

The Catholic Churches stand against fertility treatment is totally repugnant and an affront to normal decency.

In-fact the policy is evil.


PhillipB said...
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PhillipB said...

Incredible hypocrisy considering their stand on contraception. I guess it just reflects the Catholic Church's never-ending denial of science.

Reminded me of this stunning musical piece...

Anonymous said...

Science tells us to wear condoms which we were not born with, and kill animals that we want to help us survive, but "we kill them in the most humane way" while killing is a human right, I do know that life exists in sperm which has human qualities.
Human creation qualities.

Anonymous said...

Trying to control the masses instead of letting the masses control themselves I see.
Very ingenuous. Wonder how well it worked for the governments around where you lived or are living still. LOL. << I meant that.