Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Evidence would it take for you to believe a Tyrannosaurus was roaming your city?

The media is abuzz with reports of the alleged sighting of a T.Rex roaming the forests on the outskirts of your city.

A family is adamant it was a five metre tall, fearsome giant lizard they saw in a wooded area only 10 kilometres from where you live.

Naturally experts are highly dubious at these claims a large carnivorous dinosaur had somehow survived human detection for the past 60 million years.

The media makes fun of the claims, satirising the passionate claimants reports.

Now imagine how you would react to these anecdotal assertions?

What corroborating evidence would you need for you personally to attest to the notion “a T-Rex is indeed on the loose”?

Pictures? DNA samples? Expert confirmation from biologists? Seeing the beast with your own eyes? A combination of some or all of the above?

Now replace T-Rex in your mind with the word/concept of ‘God’ (as in the popular Abrahamic notion of the term)

As outlandish as the stories of a T-Rex running loose in local forests sound, they pale into insignificance when placed against the idea of a super-powerful all-seeing interventionist 'being' who created all life in the universe, existing undetected, watching & influencing all activities – from the birds in the sky to the deepest ocean – from birth to death and then even into the after-life.

Why is the stringent evidence even a layman needs to corroborate say a modern-day T-Rex, never applied to quantify the far more unbelievable being(s) known as ‘God’?

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