Friday, July 9, 2010

Fuji Minx: # 1 in the Rome Music Charts!

Apparently no mainstream television station would touch this video by the spunk-goddess, Fuji Minx.

She can put her leather boots and slinky French corset under my bed any-time (even if it meant the body paint she wears never came-out in the wash and she brought along her pet sheep along for ‘the ride’)

I mean to say what’s wrong with a chick getting her tits out and some hard-core blasphemy?

Its anti-Papist rhetoric has attracted the mind-police at You Tube to pull this video under the guise of it being in-appropriate (read: upsetting for the poor Cath-lick bubbsies who want to censor anything that offends their brain-washed minds)

Therefore what more recommendation do you need?

Go out and buy it!

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