Monday, July 19, 2010

Aussie Catholic School-Boys go-on Queenstown Crime Spree.

“Our aim is to develop reflective, compassionate and articulatemen of Christian faith and hope who will give service and leadership in our world” (Mission Statement of Xavier College)

Xavier College is a Jesuit school and one of Melbourne's most elite private boys Catholic colleges. Its fees are about NZ$18,000 a year so clearly the snobby Papist parents of brats who attend Xavier College, are well able to pay for an overseas school-trip to New Zealand for some outdoor recreation (read: skiing) and the accommodation-bill at the towns four star Goldridge Resort.

Evidently 16 boys from a total of 30 pupils, aged 14 to 17, saw the overseas-trip as a green-light to exhibit feral behaviour befitting of Jesuits – by undertaking a mass coordinated shop-lifting spree the day before their plane was due to fly them home.

The sixteen teenaged Catholic criminals roamed the streets of Queenstown on Saturday and stole clothing worth NZ$6,000 from at least seven stores.

Ultimately their thieving was detected by shop-owners and The N.Z Police became involved, as were the embarrassed teachers.

All the boys bags were searched and Queenstown police returned recovered stolen goods to businesses yesterday. Compensation for the clothing damaged when the boys tore off the security tags, was also paid for – by the schools representatives.

Remember folks: Catholic Education makes better citizens.

Spoilt little rat-bags like this lot.

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