Friday, July 16, 2010

Gods Ultimate Reality Show!

Television programmers take head of this idea for a reality show.

An anointed representative of every religion on the planet lines-up for a 12 hour televised ‘boom or bust’ experiment with a global audience measured in the billions.

Trust me - this will be the biggest T.V program ever screened!

Catholics, Baptists, Jews – you name the superstition – as long as they believe they have a telephone-line to God – there’s a place for their chosen warrior on the show (think ‘David’ in the story with Goliath) In-fact this is one show they couldn’t afford to miss.

Oh yeah, there will also be one Bonobo Chimp as well.

The chimp will be representing the non-believing heathens.

The religious representatives are all lined-up and then given a set of six dice (specially manufactured and tested, then randomly drawn from a lotto type machine on the day)

The chosen warriors of God plus the chimp then have 12 hours to throw as many sixes as they can – an average count of which will determine the ‘winner’ (rest assured it will be all above board and it won’t simply be a matter of the individual who throws the most dice but the average result)

The representatives and their supporters watching at home will be encouraged to evoke Gods support for their cause.

Believers will be motivated to prove to the world it is ‘they’ who have Gods favour above all others.

The chimp will get bananas and beer.

What do you think would be the result after all the dice had been thrown?

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