Friday, July 16, 2010

Wow really? The Catholic Church says Child Porn is Wrong!?

It’s official, well as official as it can be publicly construed, when it comes to the global fascist cult called The Catholic Church.

Get this stunning revelation fresh from Rome: “Child pornography is a crime against Church law”

Backing the truck-up here and looking at this announcement in the larger context, what we need to ask ourselves is “what sort of organisation needs to tell its members & staff this sort of stuff in the first place?”

Can you remember ever been told by anyone at all specifically - that looking at child porn was a crime and not to do it?

Has say your boss at work ever made specific references to the ramifications of down-loading kiddy porn?

The short answer is “no” – it’s just common sense and an innate trait of decent well-adjusted human-beings.

The Police, Internal Affairs, Parents, Companies etc don’t need to tell you, me and the other decent members of society that looking at child porn is a crime.

So what makes this press-statement significant is its very necessity.

We need to remind ourselves that The Catholic Church is riddled & infested with child-fuckers, deviants and moral reprobates – that we are not dealing with normal ‘Joe Bloggs’.

These are sick people in constant need of moral parameters, and not you and me.

Unlike other sectors of society Catholics, and in particular their clergy, need to be officially reminded not to perv at children being fucked by adults.

What a sad indictment.

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Tory said...

I'm from Canada and we poked fun at the ignorance Americans have of Canada in this documentary:

Even the high and mighty politicians were ignorant!! Hope you know enough about Canada to enjoy this!