Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christchurch Christian School Sacks Gay Sports Coach – for simply being Gay!

In February Middleton Grange School in Christchurch, hired a 28 year-old guy to coach their girl's netball team (footnote: a male coaching a female sport like netball was surely a warning sign in itself?)

In case you are not from Christchurch, Middleton Grange is open to Christian children ONLY.

But mind-you - not just any Christian brats qualify - no siree.

Oh no, according to the righteous God-fearing folk who run Middleton Grange - Catholic’s need not apply.

Don’t even ask if your spawn happens to be an Atheist, Hindu or one of the other heathens doomed to ultimately burn in hells flames.

So back to the matter in hand - as it turns-out the part-time Netball Coach happens to be gay, and this touchy-fact gets back to The School Board.

As you would appreciate all Christians hate homos, and New Zealand is no exception to backward bigotry. Nothing gets a Christian zealot more worked-up than man on man sex and people spilling their seed for the fun of it.

The School Board at Middleton Grange was faced with the terrible realisation of having released a real-life sodomite onto its hallowed-grounds.

Their romper-festooned virgins needed protection from this inherently sinful man (not in a Biblical sense of the term of the word ‘man’)

So they simply fired him.

The coach departs to another school and subsequently complains to the Human Rights Department who rightfully demand that the School apologies. Middleton Grange also ended-up paying him reparations.

What is rather ironic in this whole affair is how on one-hand The New Zealand Government sees sexual discrimination as a crime worthy of admonishment, and yet in the next breath it is happy to allow Schools like Middleton Grange to openly discriminate based on a child’s beliefs?


Jen said...

While I completely disagree with what the school did, and can't actually believe that they would followed through with such an ridiculous solution to their 'problem', I can see both sides of it. They were between a rock and a hard place. They were, however, deeply wrong doing what they did.

However, you have made a blanket statement without seeming to have thought it through.

It's a christian school. Therefore, people attending that shcool are expected to be christian. Not many non-christians would want to attend such a school.

How is it any different from the number of catholic schools throughout New Zealand, and indeed the world?

No one is forcing anyone to go to a religious school of any description, the choose is for the parents and pupils to make. If they don't agree with any religious teachings, don't go to a religious school. It's as simple as that. There is no discrimination. It is an intergrated school, they can choose who they take, just as private schools can make the decision and screen their students. Don't delude yourself that the private schools don't screen for intelligence and economic status. It happens all the time. Should students been discriminated based on what their parents do for a living (regardless of how much money they make), what their last name is or how intelligent they are? It's not a religious thing, and anyone that has any idea of how the education system really works would never say that it is.

Again, I will repeat that I was shocked and severely disapproving at the schools actions, and was pleased to hear that they had apologised and been made to pay compensation for unfair dismissal. The coach deserved both a public apology and compensation for their treatment of him.

Jen said...

Sorry, I meant 'follow' not 'followed', and 'choice' instead of 'choose. Too early in the morning!

Canterbury Atheists said...

Let’s say I’m 12 years-old & I lived next door to Middleton Grange (or a Catholic High School for that matter) and all my mates from my intermediate school were going there. As an atheist I would not get a look-in getting a place and thus be discriminated against due to my beliefs (or total lack of them)

The Christian belief system is vehemently anti-homosexual and I guess Middleton Grange was just sticking-up for their beliefs.

I just don’t want to subsidise their hatred via my taxes.

Good hearing from you Jen.



Anonymous said...

Get your facts right folk. Middleton Grange has many parent and students who are not Christians.

But they do have a special character recognised in their charter and maintaining this by expecting their staff to be in agreement with it. Any problem in that?

This whole thing is liberal beatup on folk who are sticking to their principles and you like lemmings are following the crowd.

Thailand20100 said...

My name is Jennifer. I am Senior at a Christian University. For one of my classes I have to have a conversation with an atheist. So, i was wondering if you would be wiling to talk to me about your personal beliefs. This would help me out so much but if not that is totally fine. Thanks and I hope you have a great day.


Canterbury Atheists said...

Well fuck-me a Christian is calling me a lemming.

Now that's a first!

Canterbury Atheists said...

Attn Jennifer: Me in New Zealand. You in Thailand. Surely there must be some local atheists you could chat to? Ta. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe my Americanism, with its emphasis on freedom and rights, is influencing me too much, but I really don't see why this Christian school, which is owned and operated by Christians with an educational philosophy and mission, should not be able to have personnel which are in accord with its core values.

Again, I am an American. I may disagree with someones personal preferences, but I will defend and promote their right to express their preferences.

Canterbury Atheists said...

So taking your extreme libertarian argument to its logical conclusion we’ll have some nutcase Nazi’s opening a school in North Dakota and banning Jews? Or say the Black Panthers who don’t want that blonde-haired girl at their school?

I fully understand where you are coming from but society must set the standards in these cases rather than leaving it up to every sect to make up its own rules.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

i'm an american - to that other anonymous american who gives us all a bad name in the name of religion can shove it. your version of "freedom" means letting every bigoted organization run their org the way they want to run it. that's fine. but don't tell us not to call it a bigoted organization.

christians, nazis, whatever. run your school the way you want to, but you're still fucking racists, bigots, christians, and lemmings.

-an American, with an emphasis on freedom and rights to call other americans bigots and lemmings.