Friday, July 23, 2010

With The National Party in power Euthanasia will never become a reality in New Zealand.

Death with Dignity is back in the public arena and there is, I feel, a genuine ground-swell of support from Kiwi’s for some form of euthanasia to be on New Zealand statute-books (N.Z Herald Poll a massive 82% support from received from respondents)

But I know, realistically, this will never become law whilst we have National in power.

Back in 2003 Peter Brown (N.Z First) proposed his ‘Death With Dignity Bill’ and MP’s voted by conscience for it’s inception, rather than say Party lines. At least that was the way it was suppose to work in principal.

In practice most Nationals MP’s (added and abetted by United Future) voted against the bill, and as a result was it failed to pass by the close margin of 60 votes to 58.

Let’s take a look at the some of those, then opposition, National MP’s that voted ‘No’ seven years ago:

Trevor Mallard
Wayne Mapp
Gerry Brownlee
David Carter
Tony Ryall
Bill English
Judith Collins
Paul Swain
Phil Heatley

These names are familiar to all of us, and form the backbone of the current Government running our country.

If just two of those names from above had have voted ‘Yes’ euthanasia would now be a reality.

So don’t hold your breath.

The Reading of Peter Browns Bill and subsequent Parliamentary debate is available here. Rodney Hides impassioned speech is worth a geez.

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