Monday, June 7, 2010

The only reward fitting for vile Christian Music is banishment!

When they were notified of their inclusion in The Queens Birthday Honours List, husband & wife team Mark and Christine de Jong admitted to the media they were both “slightly embarrassed.”

Correction time: every New Zealander should be embarrassed with their award.

Whilst true Kiwi musical pioneers like Roger Shepherd (Flying Nun) go unheralded, except by those who have a clue about musical heritage in New Zealand, the country pays tribute to a two minor players in the local musical scene.

The de Jongs are apparently ‘stars’ in the Christian music scene.

Now go and name me one Christian band from New Zealand?

Like Christian music every-where on this planet – no one with a real interest in contemporary music takes their lolly-water musical-masquerade in the slightest bit seriously.

Getting an award for Christian music in New Zealand is like getting a School-Prize for Serbo-Croation.

That’s exactly why 99.9% of Kiwi’s didn’t have the slightest-clue who-the-fuck Mark and Christine de Jong were, prior to their award.

Don’t the dimwits who administer these sycophantic awards know that the teens that turn-up at their ‘Parachute’ concerts do-so because they are Christians and there’s chance of a sly-root? Not to hear the droll crap being inflicted on the crowds ear-drums by bands best suited for The Disney Channel.

If the de Jong’s had any integrity they would hand their awards back out and scuttle-back to their nepotistic waste-lands on the fringes of music.

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