Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Zealand says no to Jewish Tradition of Animal Cruelty

In the past religions have had a free-reign in New Zealand to get away with abuses no other sector of society can claim as part of their innate rights being a citizen of this country.

The right to discriminate based-on gender or sexual orientation are two of the more obvious ones still permitted.

Gradually these historic ‘rights’ Governments have granted to one sector of society over another, are being whittled away.

This week New Zealand took another step towards becoming a truly secular country when it banned the inhumane slaughter of animals under the guise of religious practice.

Overnight the Kosher slaughter of lambs and chickens (a ritual called shechita) came to an end here in New Zealand and attracted the ire of the local Hebrew community both here and in Australia.

The president of The Organisation of Rabbis in Australasia, Moshe Gutnick, put all his cards on the table when he said “The science is wrong, but even if the science wasn’t wrong it infringes on the religious rights of the community.”

Basically Rabbi Gutnick was saying “So what it’s cruel - our religion dictates we treat animals in this primitive fashion and that over-rides the rule of the land.”

Gutnick and the Jewish community of New Zealand can of course import Kosher meat, or if they are still smarting from having to follow the same animal welfare laws as the rest of the country – simply go live some where else.

If you think New Zealand is intolerant - try Iran for size.

Footnote: Before anyone plays the “what about the animals killed in New Zealand slaughterhouses under the halal principals?” card, those animals are stunned first – unlike the Kosher killings where the conscious animal has it’s throat slit and bleed.

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