Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blood-Sucking Elim Church takes disabled-mans Life Savings!

This is a Napier rest home resident Whetu Abraham, 54, a partial tetraplegic with head injuries, the result of being hit by a car in 1986. What also makes him further vulnerable is his lack of family – basically he’s a loner with obvious ‘issues’ and sadly little to no immediate support.

Over the last two years Abraham has donated his entire life saving to the Napier City ‘Oasis’ Elim Church, in the belief he was in-effect buying his way into heaven.

When she learned of what was happening the rest home manager, Lucy Dever, tried to intervene on Abrahams behalf with the churches pastor Bruce Collingwood, and make him aware that Mr Abrahams survived on a sickness benefit and was not in a position to be granting them six-figure donations, let alone his entire nest-egg, given he has no other income source.

Pastor Collingwood dismissed her protestations and banked the monies (approx NZ$20,000) telling Dever dismissively it was Abrahams choice.

I ask you what sort of person is this ‘man of god’ Pastor Bruce Collingwood?

What sort of organisation could take the last cent of a vulnerable person – a man clearly not fully in control of his facilities, down on his luck?

The Napier Oasis Church should be hit where it hurts them most i.e. in the pocket.

Their charitable status should be immediately cancelled.

PS: By the way The Oasis Church in Napier happen to have a Facebook site to vent your anger – so why not join in the fun and tell these creeps what you think? The last couple of posts on their ‘wall’ are gems and sum-up the publics anger at their despicable actions: “scum sucking mutha f*cking arrsehole!” and “complete scum”.
Footnote: Bruce Collingwood has commented on this article (comments section below) giving his side of the story. Far dues to him.


DeoVacuus said...

Update: Apparently they've been shamed into returning the cash. http://bit.ly/am3YOX

Bruce Collingwood said...

I have only just come across this tonight. It makes very entertaining and juicy reading but unfortunately most of it is WRONG....like so many other people who only heard 1 /3 of the story and believed it. And the most important 1/3 is the man himself. The truth is almost completely opposite from what is written above. For example just to get you thinking I have worked 2 days a week outside the church for many years so that I am not taking a full salary from the church as i dont want to be a financial burden. I did this of my own free choice. After 10 years in a school hall we finally leased the building you are talking about only about 9 months ago there is no way we can afford to buy a building like that. Our church works very well with all sorts of people but also many of the poor and marginalized and with some people that many of you arm chair critics wouldnt go near ie people who have come out of prison and people with disabilities. There are so many other things I could refute but wont here.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Thanks for your perspective there Bruce and taking time to tell your side of the story.

All the best.


Keith Lannon said...

Canterbury Atheist, please tell me what you have done to help this old fellah. Apart from show his photo and tell the world that he isn't in his right mind?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Sorry Keith I don’t run an on-line self-help scheme although I donate a grand a year to a local charity I feel close to. If you have formed the idea the chap is not all there, then even more reason for his church not to exploit him, eh? BTW article is two plus years old. Ta. Paul

vince renall said...

this man whetu who was our friend died in a horrible way in this rest home he was a good man very much on to it only his body was disabled it is horrible for all of this to be going on he would be horrified. money didnt matter to him . people need to find out truth and dont just believe wat you hear or read, that is just rubbish .