Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those can-do-Kiwi’s and their humble scooters spun-my-wheels.

New Zealanders are very self critical, and I’m contrite enough to confess, at times. I’m the first to employ my own self-imposed list of foibles upon fellow Kiwi’s.

Then something comes along that makes you proud to be a Kiwi.

Something, may be, small in the relative scheme of things.

Some event or act that exposes that Kiwi fortitude, and ‘can-do’ attitude which makes New Zealand still one of the best places on the planet to live.

To me this renewal of Kiwi pride came in the form of the recent ‘Tranz Alpine Scooter Rally.’

Saturday May 29 saw 230 brave & hardy scooterists buzz out of Christchurch mostly on tiny 50cc scooters bound for the wintry Southern Alps and over to the South Islands West Coast - 250kms in roughly 10 hours.

In one-word the weather was “crap” that weekend and there was snow on both mountain passes (check the video out).

This is motorised version of The Coast to Coast Endurance Event also doubles as a fundraiser for the The Cancer Society & their efforts, a week or so back, raised over a hundred grand for a fine cause.

The individuals behind this event should be the ones getting awards and not some stuffy-old Judge or god-bothering band promoters.

May this event prosper.

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