Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kiwi Atheists are far too nice.

For the benefit of overseas readers, and to bring some context to this article, this is one of the highly visible ‘Yeah Right’ billboards/signs, marketed by DB Breweries here in New Zealand:

This is the controversial one currently residing outside a Tauranga church:

This is mine:

Now as far as I’m aware there has never been a deliberate piece of vandalism in New Zealand by atheists targeting ‘you are going to burn in hell’ signs like this - or for that matter any religious signage.

Christian Churches such as ‘Bethlehem Community’ tend to forget, that Atheists by their very nature, don’t believe in their megalomaniacal and cruel god called Yahweh.

So local non-believers are hardly going to fall to their knees with fear, at the altar of this, or any church, when confronted with thinly veiled threats of Yahweh’s wrath.

Frankly most Kiwi atheists don’t give a fuck about church signs and ignore simply them.

What up-sets Kiwi atheists, myself included, is when ‘we’ unify as a group and want to place our own signs on public display, we face overwhelming objections to our right to free-speech – by the very group that trumpets their own supreme right to do so – even when it breaks copyright laws.

Christians see it as their right to say what-ever they like, hate minority groups via law exemptions etc but when they feel threatened they get cry-baby-like and gnash-teeth when presented with a counter arguments.

Christians in New Zealand then do what all religious groups do when threatened – they attack!

Christians even attack other Christian messages, as we saw occur in Auckland at Christmas, again over church signage.

Christians threatened those that would air the atheist signs – which just happen to be the local bus companies – forcing them to back down from their commitment to display the same signs that were run overseas.

So here we have Reverend Jim Wallace from Bethlehem Community Church now accusing DB Breweries of being “bullies” when they asked for the sign to be changed due to breech of copyright.

On the Radio Live interview this morning Reverend Wallace used the term “bully” no less than three times in two minutes and ironically drew-comparisions with the atheist bus campaign - which never got off the ground.

Well Reverend Wallace here’s a message for you.

Were the atheists of New Zealand to act in the same dogmatic, angry way the followers of your god behave – then your juvenile sign would have been ripped-down long ago.

You need to thank your vicious and cruel god, that thankfully Kiwi Atheists are more civilized and nicer people than his followers.

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The Atheist Missionary said...

The only thing more amusing than Christians blathering at atheist signage that ridicules their myths are Christians arguing among themselevs about whose myths should be believed.

BTW, your comment on the Beretta site was a classic. You hit the nail on the head by exposing the hypocrisy of Christian parents (who supposedly want their children to think for themselves) from refusing to allow their children exposure to other religious and atheist viewpoints.

I remain firmly of the view that most "Christians" don't believe the dogma of their faiths and the minority that do believe were heavily indoctrinated as children.

I also remind people that I expect all of my kids will end up going to Bible College just to piss me off.

Best, TAM.