Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Catholic Children Don’t Jump in Puddles

The mission statement from St Francis de Sales School in Wellington reads:

To provide quality education,
incorporating Catholic principles and beliefs,
giving each child opportunities for their full development

Showing scant regard for human decency and total disrespect for the dead The Vatican ordered the heart of the original St Francis’s to be ripped from his corpse. De Sales ‘ticker’ is now on display in Rome for the morbid fools to drool over. Mind-you when you think The Catholic Church worships a zombie and ritually drinks his blood – having century old bodily parts strewn about the place seems almost ‘normal’ for this lot.

Perhaps the school in New Zealand that bears his name could ask Rome for some of St Frances heart?

They certainly appear to need a 'heart' of some kind.

Here we have a primary school that has placed a ban on something that is intrinsic childlike behaviour - jumping in puddles.

Following-on from the fine Christian heritage exhibited by Rome, who shamelessly violated the corpse of poor old Francis de Sales, the school-board in Wellington has paid no regard for the part of their mission-statement that claims to “give each child opportunities for their full development.”

These Kiwi children of St Francis de Sales School are being taught a short sharp life-lesson on how fascism works and never to question the authority of ‘the’ church.

Basically they are receiving the ‘good Catholic education’ their parents so-desired.


Anonymous said...

Just a point of clarification. Francis' heart isn't in Rome. It's at the Monastery of the Visitation in Treviso, north of Venice.

Creepy source:

Canterbury Atheists said...

Gidday there, I said anyone who wanted to remove a piece of his remains (heart etc) would need to ask the H.O in Rome. Thanks for link - I like it! Paul