Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are all Catholic Priests by definition Effeminate, Head-Cases?

A question to all males: if you were offered a million dollars to be chemically sterilised, rendered permanently impotent – would you take the money?

Hell no!

Males are hot-wired to seek-out sexual gratification.

The only males I can think-of that would deliberately deny themselves out of volition, as opposed to medical reasons, are lacking a chromosome or two.

Dare I suggest effeminate, thus well suited to an all-male society?

As young boys they were the ones that liked dressing-up-in their mothers underwear and never had friends who ‘understood their feelings.’

Voluntary celibate men are by definition abnormal, biological freaks of nature.

Regardless of sexual orientation, heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual – male celibacy is only for weirdos & fringe dwellers in society.

Abnormal behaviour such as sexual-denial invariably spills-over into psychological issues.

These psychological issues could be cured simply & easily with the services of a $50 hooker. Male or female, take your pick.

Until priests are provided with a sexual-outlet for their natural desires (over the age of consent) they will remain by-in-large to be dangerous, ostracized head-cases - never to be left-alone to their own devices & impossible to take seriously.

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