Friday, October 24, 2008

Who ya goin’ call? The Christchurch Ghostbuster!!

If his publicity is to be believed, and a high level of belief is a paramount requirement here, then business is booming for Paul Graham, Christchurch’s very own Ghostbuster!

Bill Murray’s archetypical depiction in the movie by the same name, goes spookily (had to get that one in some where) close to what Paul gets up to, only he is a soul operator (I’m on a roll here, pander me) and there’s no right-hand man like Dan Ackroyd , assisting his endevours cleaning-up Canterbury’s pesky un-wanted dead. Isn’t that what we pay the Council rates for along with the streets?

So let’s hear how Paul Graham came to be Christchurch’s lone spirit sheriff (spelling mistakes etc are his, not mine, which is normally the case)

I have been involved with the unseen since a very early age as my mother was a healer at the local Spiritualist Church, I to went on to become a healer I found that I was psychic not to the degree that I could see spirit but I am able to detect the presence of entities as my life unfolded I have found that I am able to dowse and detect lines of earth energy. When I met up with a group of people in Glastonbury England I was invited to join a group travelling out to Egypt where they were to take part in a tour of the famous sights.However this was with a view to heal an cleanse the energies of the ancient places. I later joined the group in Cairo and visited many sites including the great pyramids.As group we had exclusive use on the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid for a full hour this was an experience that changed my life.I found that I was able to clear energies from people places and things with very little fuss or drama . . . . I mainly work alone but have with me many spirit helpers I am able to negotiate with Diva's and nature spirits to move flows of energy to safer places within the home and to move on unwanted spirit guests!

After reading this bio, it’s clear he’s got all the necessary credentials, minus any of the normal markers of self-delusion you often find with other psychics.

web site also has an explanation why all of us at some time ‘feel ill or a bit down’ even ‘grumpy’.

It’s ‘lost souls’!!

Modern psychiatry has been taking us all on a ride New Zealanders, and Paul’s novel-solution named ‘Psychic Make-Over’ is the road to cutting the countries huge anti-depressant bill.

Another myth-busting revelation from Mr. Graham is the work is done in daylight so you don't have to stay up till midnight and sit in the dark! Boy, that’s a relief, I normally sleep with the light on.

Paul also has a warning for all New Zealand house-holders, danger lurks in every corner, especially under beds, and horror of horrors - there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

This ever present psychic presence is all down to 'ley line' or earth energies that are passed unseen through buildings and causing harm to the occupants.

After reading this, things are now falling into place. All those strange sounds at night, cold patches around the house - there’s all a rational explanation.

You have a psychic guest!


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