Friday, October 17, 2008

Trillion Dollar Anglican Church get’s a begging bowl out!

Recent market downturns mean The Church of England is down to it’s last 50 Trillion.

There are two words, mentioned together, in sequence, that are enough to get my goat-up & the blood really pumping through my 90 kilogram frame.

The first is ‘church’ and the second is ‘tax’.

Were I was a Police Dog, these words would form my attack command(sorry if reincarnation is true, I already have myself signed-up as a domestic cat, not a working dog)

If it wasn’t bad enough for hard-working Kiwi’s subsidising a plethora of multi-national superstition factories, the countries largest religious denomination is now asking tax-payers to give them their recent, well deserved tax-cut!

This piece of audacious pan-handling dubbed ‘Give It Up’, comes from Reverend Dr Anthony Dancer of the Anglican Church who calls for N.Z house-holds to give-up their $10-$28 per week tax-cuts to a good cause & he’s thrown-up a web site to make us all feel guilty at spending our own money on frivolous things like shoes for the kids, the mortgage, a few nights away on holiday, or dare I suggest it a bottle of wine (unblessed variety naturally)

Hoisting his Socialist flag firmly to the top of the mast, Dr Dancer is targeting “those who might therefore consider undertaking some wealth redistribution of their own”.

Dancer wants us to start sobbing-into our pillows, have sleepless guilt-ridden nights with his words “With discretion comes responsibility” haunting us into the wee hours.

Dr Dancer has clearly lived a cloistered clergical existence for too long, cocooned from the rest of society, seemingly oblivious that a great many Kiwi’s work damn hard and deserve a few more bucks in their pockets & not those of his choice.

Dr Dancer, a key figure in that well known & home-grown Kiwi charity ‘Stop Cluster Bombs’, is so wrapped-up in his own self-importance, high in his ivory tower (his workplace St Pauls Cathedral, has a very large one, as you'll see pictured above) that he’s conveniently blanked-out that trifling issue of tax-avoidance The Anglican Church, have going with The New Zealand Government.

Having bloated himself at ‘the secular trough’ for so long, Reverend Dancer has failed to grasp the irony of an organisation like his, who don’t pay a cent in tax, having the cheek to tell others who do pay their share, what to do with what in effect, is their own money - not his!

Dr Dancer doesn’t want New Zealanders asking - why doesn’t The Anglican Church with 17 Billion N.Z Dollars in U.K Investments alone (not including trillions in property spread over 120,000 acres) choose to ‘give up’ at least a small portion of their vast wealth , rather than come begging to Joe Blogs Kiwi on an average wage of $35,000 to flog their pittance?

Dr Dancer, author of the gripping title ‘William Stringfellow In Anglo-American Perspective’, wants you & me to conveniently forget, that outside the New Zealand Government, Maori Entities, the next largest land-owners (based on property valuations) in the country is The Anglican Church, and to date Dancers bosses have been unwilling to ‘give up’ even a single cent of their billion dollar plus property portfolio, to the charities he outlines on his begging site.

It’s time Doctor Reverend Anthony Dancer got a real job, and stopped bothering those that do.

And for the record Reverend Dancer my preferred charities of choice remain: New Zealand Breweries & New Zealand Totalisator Agency Board.

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