Monday, October 20, 2008

Anglican Church funds Maori Party Election Campaign!

Let’s say you were one of Saturday Night’s lucky Lotto ‘Power Ball’ winners & waking-up a multi-millionaire, you decided to share your good fortune with the less well-off in society by donating a small portion of your winnings away to a noble cause. Say $10,000.

Who would your be recipient(s)? Cancer Research may be? The City Mission is always a standard? You can’t go too wrong with The Salvation Army? Let's not forget about the neglected animals, and toss the S.P.C.A some of the loot.

But what say we give it all to The Maori Party?

“The bloody Maori Party!” I hear you squeal, they’re a political party - why do they deserve a sizeable charitable donation?

The only people who can fully answer this question are The Bishops of The Anglican Church of New Zealand, who were exposed by recent declaration changes to The Electoral System, as one of The Maori Party's largest single backers.

In black & white & so you can get your head around this: Electoral Commission records show The Anglican Church of New Zealand donated $10,000 to The New Zealand Maori Parties 2005 Election Campaign.

Thanks to Jonathan Milne at The New Zealand Herald newspaper, this back-room funding has been revealed, so now both the public and bemused & no doubt angry Anglican church-goers, can judge this 'donation' in the true light of day.

The charade that mainstream churches in New Zealand are apolitical has been blown wide open.

Here we have a church with the audacity to front a campaign to prise-away Kiwi’s hard earned taxes using guilt-tactics, showing us all 'in full colour' where their own charitable sympathies sit – politics not welfare!

The Anglican Churches politically-correct view on what it believes philanthropy is in New Zealand, has been exposed to the publics justified scorn & derision.

Caught with their pants-down at their ankles and robes wide open, The Church of England (New Zealand Inc)pretences of neutrality are now in tatters.


Chris said...

It surprises me that you would spend time looking into something so trivial that occurred 3 years ago. One would think that someone who was actually concerned about political donations would find donations to the larger parties by private businesses such as WestPac Banking Corp (who donated $15,000 to both the Labour and National Parties in 2007), TollNZ (donating $25,000 to both Labour and National in 2007) or Fletcher Building ($20,000 to both Labour and National in 2007) would be far more disturbing than a meager $10k to a minority party.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Chris buddy, you have missed the point. A business can do what the hell they like to foster their own commercial interests. If The Anglican Church wants to be a business and pay tax like you and me - then I have no issue with them giving a million bucks to McGillicutty Serious, if that's their choice. But they are a friggin' church and I'm sure their National, ACT, Labour Party etc voting paritioners are not going to be too happy it coming-out the Churches preferred bed-partners are The Maori Party and that's where their donations are ending-up. By the way there are plenty of anti-capitalism blogs which would agree with your sentiments, this however is an Atheist Blog, so we largely confine our discussions to the absurdities of religion & the abuse of it's privileges.Thanks for your comments,Chris.

Chris said...

Can you cite your source for the Anglican donation thing?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Only if you say please. No not really. READ the article again there Chris and all will be revealed.

Chris said...

Can you provide a link for me?
I did a Google search and can't find the Electoral Records you speak of.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Grab Sundays Herald or email the journalist in question. Seems to be a lot of descension amongst Anglican ranks once this matter went public over the weekend, but from what I can see, I'm the only one currently 'running' the story online. And proud of it! Paul.

Maori Party Rangatahi said...

I think you are confusing welfare and politics. Obviously the Anglican Church felt that the Maori Party would best look after the 'welfare' of its most derelict and underprivledged faction of its church. Maybe they felt that to best 'serve' its poorest members, they had to financially support the party that could engage with them at grassroots level. Look at the Maori party's policies. They are the ONLY party that has specific policies dealing with the 'lower Socioeconomic' group in NZ - which is, surprise surprise, the Maori community. The middle and upper-'classes' are looked after by Nats and Labour. No-one else has even stood up for the poor. And by coincidence or otherwise.........Maori.

Canterbury Atheists said...

My iwi is Muaüpoko (hope I got the spelling right?)and I'm a high income earner - through my own hard work and endeavours, not some hand-out. I'm sure the National/Labour/United/ACT etc Party voting members, of The Anglican Church will be rapt at their donations going to fund a rival political group, just as you'd be upset if your donations were spent for projects you didn't support. The Maori Party isn't exactly a 'books in homes' charity is it? This is straight out donation from a so-called neutral church to a political party.