Friday, October 3, 2008

Family First Party Poopers want to ban Kissing in Public!

Inspired by Katy Perry's hit single (who ever she is?) The Edge Radio Station has set a new world record for Girls Kissing Girls!

Run through-out New Zealand’s main centres on the 4th of September, 120 couples (240 girls) puckered up and pashed for 20 seconds, in the bid to win a trip to Melbourne.

20 Couples made it into Christchurch’s Cathedral Square (one of which is pictured above, Anglican Cathedral resplendent in the background).

Let’s put our ‘cards on the table with this one’ – by in large heterosexual males get turned-on by lesbian activity (much to the annoyance of lesbians themselves)

The Edge, knew they were on to a winner with this format.

That’s why the ‘eyes on stilts’ spectators, who watched the Radio Promotion, were almost exclusively male.

Any normal bloke, who claims not to be stimulated by watching two teenage girls kissing, is in need of hormone treatment, bucket loads of the stuff injected straight into the offending testicular region, with an overly large syringe.

Included amongst this minority of males who fall outside the bounds of the normal sexual response to visual simulation, such as ‘lip locking ladies’ - members of the fledgling Family First Party (currently polling at 0.4% of N.Z Party Vote, well below the margin of error, and beyond a political resurrection of biblical proportions)

Family First Party Poopers wanted the event cancelled, saying the competition ‘crossed the lines of decent public behaviour, and sent the wrong message to young people’.

One presumes banning such events will form a major policy platform to launch the party poopers bid for Parliament.

F.F.P.P would much rather mums & dads were in The Square, beating their kids under the guise of discipline, seemingly this sort of ‘moral’ behaviour being in-line with their gospel, of how society should be run (old testament naturally)

We should be encouraging more wholesome events in Christchurch’s Square, like outdoor re-runs of The Waltons, or say a gala to celebrate the reunion ( rather than union) of the Capill family.

When exactly, does the unrepentant & highest profile Christian politician New Zealand has ever had, get out of ‘the clink’ again?

But back, to those terrible girls kissing, signaling a decline of New Zealand society as we know it.

What’s next on the slippery-slope to becoming The Sodom & Gomorrah of The South Pacific?

Gays, having the same rights as others, in society?

Legalised Prostitution?

It doesn’t bear thinking about, and as for those vile, perverted, animalistic young ladies, engaging in lewd public acts – you brazen hussies are doomed to burn in hell!

Warriors of Christ and fellow members of The Family First Party Poopers, we have to put a stop to this degradation, before the rot sets in!

Brothers & sisters, so you can recognise such licentious activity in future, here’s some more photos of New Zealand Girls Kissing Girls.

But before viewing these perversions of Christ’s love, kindly remember to close the study door first, and have some tissues handy.


TobyRicketts said...

May the flying spaghetti monster bless you for this trly blessed post

Ian Andreas Miller said...

Girls kissing girls?!

EEK!!!!!! I like 'em!

George said...

2nd and 4th Pics are really lovely :D:X love to see multiple teenage couple of girls kissing ... Is the best thing in the world :D:X Oooh no wait ... the best is when im it whit them . Post more photos :D Way more ... or directly e-mail them to me :D