Saturday, October 11, 2008

Polygamy is a Christian Value Worth Fighting For!

Exodus 21;10: 'If he take him another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish' (Translated: if you want to another wife, as long as you can afford to keep her housed, feed and shagged regularly, God is cosy on the arrangement)

The taking of wives has changed little since the days of the Old Testament.

It’s always been a case of the rich, powerful and famous guys getting to score the hot chicks.

Church leaders know this better than most, as did some key players in pages of The Bible.

Biblical kings and patriarchs often took multiple wives, all under the nose of God.

If ol’ Yahweh found the practice of polygamy offensive, he certainly didn’t show it. Not once does God say “you greedy bastards, cut this multiple wife thing-out, it’s one each only guys and reminder to all - if you end-up at the back of the line you get the ugly ones”.

This total lack of condemnation from ‘the big guy’ towards polygamy, clearly shows the practice was not a sin, wasn’t even worthy of a mention, not a single sentence saying “don’t do it”.

In-fact back in those days the ability to take more than one wife was both enshrined in law, and blessed by the church.

For a male, you could therefore opt for one or more wives, and the accompanying plural family, with an impunity, all enshrined under both the laws of the state and the church alike. Monogamy and polygamy were indistinguishable.

Anyone who accepts The Scriptures as Gods literal truth, must accept Christian Marriage includes an option to include multiple wives (rather bizarrely in the ‘fine print’ there’s an exception if you happen to be a Bishop, if not you’re a shoe-in)

Those that want to argue on the grounds of ‘Christian values’ (big inverted comas around those two words) marriage is the exclusive union of man and woman, needs to also defend the rights of men to chose more than one wife, to run more than one household, to “be fruitful and multiply” by knocking-up all those said wives, and spitting-out as many snotty-nosed brats as your income & Social Welfare will permit.

If it was good enough for Ziba (Samuel 9:10) to father 15 sons with his wives - why not Zac Thompson of Penrose?

Abijah (Chronicles 13:21) displayed his stamina with fourteen wives, who produced 36 off-spring, so why shouldn’t Andrew Wallace of Hamilton, get to show us his staying power & patience, as ordained by God himself?

Old Gideon had threescore and ten sons (Judges 8:30) setting us a biblical bench mark every Kiwi Christian male should aspire to.

Moses himself wasn't adverse to a wife or two (rumour has it the tenth commandment should read ‘thou should not covert thy neighbours wives)

King Solomon was a ‘the legend’ clocking-up 700 wives and untold nippers – but unfortunately he took the recipe for Gods Viagra to his grave.

If rock-star’s of The Bible like Jacob and David can have a couple or more wives – it’s time for every Christian Kiwi male to do so freely as well (just don’t run it past the encumbent mrs’ first, they get a bit testy on subjects like this)

The prevention of multiple marriages with a male head, is therefore yet another piece of anti-Christian legislature in New Zealand & must repealed, along with same-sex marriages & civil unions.

Secular Society in New Zealand must accept polygamy is a Christian Value worth retaining.

If New Zealand wants to continue calling itself a ‘Christian nation’ we must not only sanction marriage as a unique bond between male & female, but also male & female/female/female etc.

The right to have more than one wife is enshrined in the holiest of books, and there today's reading ends.

So ‘snap em up lads’ before they all run-out!

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