Thursday, October 2, 2008

God is but an Idea

Let’s say we assembled a sample of the world’s ‘theists’ and asked them in neutral terms, about God.

What sort of consensus do you think we would get, to even a small range of questions?

- “What is God?”
- “How did God come into being?”
- “Where does he/she exist?”
- “Where does he/she get his/her power from?”
- “Why doesn’t he/she speak directly to mankind?”
- “Define how exactly it is God helps people?”

Every theist claims to ‘know’ God, often intimately, so why is it hard, if not impossible for even members of the same church, to define God and his dynamics?

No one has every seen ‘a God’, heard a God speak, even measured his/her presence, but millions believe in his/her existence, as if they were talking about the family dog.

Theists often make definitive, often convoluted, statements on ‘the workings’ of God, as if they were truisms.

Yet, these ‘truisms’ differ from individual believer, to individual believer?

The reason for this inconsistency is simple.

God only exists in peoples minds.

God is but an idea.

The family dog is real, and if queried as to his colour, 99% of people will recall it was say ‘black’.

Because God is an internal idea, a mental musing, as opposed to something that is real, quantifiable & substantive – there will always be differing opinions on “what is God?” etc.

Let’s prove this another way.

Let’s say you believe in U.F.O’s, and I asked you, “what do aliens look like?”

Automatically the first reference points when answering a question of this nature, are the external ones.

Extraterrestrial devotees would automatically search their memory banks till they come to a popular reference point, like say book or television program.

They are in fact employing identical 'learnt' thought-process’s as religious believers.

I’m guessing 80% of U.F.O buffs will say aliens look like this:

How do they know this to be?

No one has ever seen an alien life-form, yet believers able to form much the same ‘mental’ picture of one?

Then we take this Alien line of questioning to the next level, and ask similar ‘probing’ (no, not the anal alien probe again!) questions, similar to the ones above, and the ‘cracks begin to show’.

Individual ideas now, come into play:

- “What do Aliens breathe?”
- “Why can’t our radars pick their spaceships up, but we can see them?”
- “Why don’t Aliens signal their existence?”
- “Why has the worldwide SETI program failed to even detect a simple radio signal emanating outside the Earths atmosphere?
- “Where don’t these higher life forms simply wipe us out?”

The reason why God is outside human definition, is simply because every human is different, and even though there are 6.7 billion of us, it will still be impossible to find two people on the planet to concur on a complex idea like God.

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