Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Zealand MP Literally Bible-Bashed

Nothing like a General Election, to bring nutters & extremists scuttling forth from under their rocks, and into the daylight the rest of society lives in.

When it comes to the nutcase/weirdo brigade, the religious element there-of, rightfully sits on the podium in gold medal position.

Manurewa’s local Member of Parliament, George Hawkins (above) is invited , to what he would have presumed to be, one of many innocuous meetings on the campaign trail, debating ‘the issues’ with other local political candidates.

The community meeting in question, was held last Sunday evening, under the auspice of The Manurewa Baptist Church (on your left)

Fairly ‘ho hum’ fodder, right?

Towards the end of the evening, after the candidates had spoken, the audience were asked to approach the stage, and use the microphone to ask questions.

First-up to tackle to candidates, a well-dressed gentleman.

As he strides to the stage, it is noticed he is carrying a bible, and not just any bible I hasten to add - a 1860’s version.

Nett weight of this monster, a wopping 5 kilograms (the illustrated or cartoon version perhaps?)

The gentleman is heard to mumble something about “the government poisoning food” as he progress’s straight past the microphone, and to the middle of the stage where the candidates from all political persuasions, are seated around a table.

Taking aim at George Hawkins, he slams the bible down on his hand.

A melee ensues, ending-up with the offender being carried bodily from the Church Hall.

George trots off to hospital to see if his fingers are still in one piece.

After the dust settled it comes to light the nut-case is, himself a reverend of some religious persuasion, had made a previous threat again Hawkins, involving the said ‘monster bible’.

Clearly this guy has issues of the head variety and Hawkins, whilst laying a complaint with N.Z Police, intimated as much that he needs treatment not servitude.

Now let’s wind the clock back before the attack, to the time when George came into contact with the good reverend & was subject to his initial physical threats.

In place of the bible let’s use knife & replace a reverend with a gang-member.

Viewed under these circumstance, there would have all been a different outcome.

Hawkins (ironically an ex Minister of Police) has learnt the hard way, that religious nut-cases sometimes ‘bite’, and not to dismiss threats of this nature, even when the provocateur uses the mantle ‘reverend’ and his weapon of choice is a 150 year-old bible.

Other politicians should also take note.

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Ian Andreas Miller said...

The mouth on the guy in the photograph up there makes me think of the mouth on this ninja turtle"