Saturday, November 16, 2013

Evil Pedo Catholic Priests Exposed Yet Again

Project Spade, began in October 2010 when undercover online officers from Canada made contact with a local sicko who was sharing graphic images of children being sexually abused.  

Fast forward to last week when 348 people were implicated in this global child porn ring. 

Little surprise that front and centre amongst these vile pedos were Catholic Priests.

Eight in total: three from Australia alone.

Incidentally another four pedos caught in this bust were listed as pastors.  

You do the maths, priests are way over represented.  

Time and time again we see Catholic Priests abusing children. 

I suppose it’s a blessing they don’t have children of their own.

Yet again, The Catholic Church and is exposed as being little more than a front for pedophilia.   

Surely there is a case to outright banning priests?

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