Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Australian Child Abuse Enquiry quantifies sickening rates of Catholic Church Abuse

Good on the Australian Government undertaking an enquiry into Clerical Abuse on Children in that country. 

The results of this just released are damning for the Catholic Church. 

To quote the report:   

"The levels of abuse in the Catholic Church are strikingly out of proportion with any other church, and that is the reality," 

"a reluctance to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the Catholic Church's institutional failure to respond appropriately to allegations of criminal child abuse". 

"Rather than being instrumental in exposing the issue and the extent of the problem, the Catholic Church in Victoria minimalised and trivialised the problem, contributed to abuse not being disclosed and ensured the community remained uninformed” 

Nothing new here. 

What this ground-breaking report has done, is finally put a figure on the rate of abuse amongst Catholic Clergy versus any other ‘man of the cloth’ (in Australia)  

Using fifty years of stats they concluded…. 

“Catholic clergy in Australia are responsible for six times more child sexual abuse than all the other churches combined”   

Pity they couldn’t recommend the rotten edifice be closed with immediate effect.  


Anonymous said...

Citation please! If I want to repeat this, I'd like some kind of source to support it.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Tip of the iceberg can be located here 'ye of little faith'