Sunday, November 10, 2013

N.Z Parents are not being told by doctors “Your Kid is a Slob” so not to offend them!

More than 80 per cent of parents with overweight children in New Zealand do not know they are overweight and health professionals hold back from telling them because of the risk of getting parents' backs up, said Rachael Taylor from Otago University's School of Medicine.  

It’s only the parents of the extremely overweight that are being are told if there is a problem.  

All these parents of fatties must be fucking stupid, unfit to have children in the first place, if they can’t even see their own offspring are fat.

My bet is most of these parents are overweight themselves. 

The reason the child is obese in the first place is because the whole family has an unhealthy lifestyle. 

"There is a huge sensitivity this will trigger an epidemic of anorexia, and there is no doubt it is a sensitive issue, but it is much-needed information." say the officials as an excuse for failing to tell parents the bleeding obvious.

Unless the whole country undergoes a famine and KFC and Burger King shut their doors, these kids stand about as much chance of striking first division lotto, than developing anorexia after being told to “eat healthy and exercise more”.  

PC scared Kiwi clinicians found parents responded positively to the use of a traffic-light system, where children were plotted as either green (OK) orange (some issues) or red (definite health issues). 

These parents don’t need a doctor they need an optician!  
Oh yeah, some bathroom scales and an odd mirror around the house would be a fitting prescription.

And the result of this Otago study came to the predictable 'namby pampy' conclusion: the Government should tax fatty foods, labelling etc. 

In other words: the broad brush approach to penalise all New Zealanders for the inability of others to eat well and exercise.   

If Government control is what academics are advocating then a far more effective ‘blunt force’ method is to charge parents of fat children with dereliction.  

In the ‘red’ cases drag parents off to court and give them say six months to get their child into shape or risk losing him or her.




Paul said...

I am disappointed that you seem to have jumped into this debate with no real understanding. The obesity problem is a little more complex that the picture you have painted. You said
"My bet is most of these parents are overweight themselves."
Betting or guessing in this case is not enough, it would make for better reading if you came to your conclusions after some research or at least a cursory look at the literature.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Take a trundle to your local pool there Paul. Look at the fat kids, then look at the fat parents. You'll soon see correlation.